Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ginger or Mary Ann?

~ The Riddle of the Sphinx. Who built Stonehenge? I like to tackle the unknown. I wish to move the immovable. I thought there was no question so deep, so intense that it could not be answered.
~ Ginger or Mary Ann? Now there is a question that has been asked and the answer debated by men for years with no clear resolve. Whether over a beer at a local watering hole or by the water cooler in an office, the attributes of these two pretty castaways have remained in the male conscience. After all, some are enamored by Ginger the movie star and her glamour. Others, and I include myself in this group, preferred the down to earth wholesomeness of Mary Ann.
~ There are some other distaff duos worthy of debate. A few of them follow. (For the ladies out there, there is a list for to debate also after the mens' wish list.
~ Jeanie or Samantha? After the Ginger or Mary Ann debate, this one is also hotly contested. A genie or a witch? A sexy blonde in a bottle who obeys every command? Or a witch with strong convictions to please her husband and an overbearing mother? I see no debate, Jeanie hands down!!
~ Betty or Veronica? Come on Archie, your father owns a soda shop! Take the money! Go for Veronica. Reggie can have Betty.
~ Lee Merriweather, Julie Newmar, or Eartha Kitt? Who was the best TV Catwoman? As for me, I'd rather pat Julie as she curls up in my lap. Okay, okay, you neophytes out there. Michelle or Halle?
~ Bailey or Jennifer? Betty Jo, Bobbi Jo, or Billie Jo? Ellie Mae or Wrangler Jane? Ellie Mae or Daisy Dukes? Janet or Chrissie? Kate or Allie? Betty or Wilma? Seven of Nine, Deana Troy, or Beverly Crusher?
~ For the gals, I first venture back to Gilligan's Island. Did you women question the manhood of the four men stranded on that desert isle with Ginger and Mary Ann? Well, Mr. Howell we can excuse because his wife was there with him. (Does that give him a free pass?) But what about Gilligan, the Skipper, and the professor? All those years on an uncharted island, and not once was there a tryst? Not once did they peek through the bushes while the girls were bathing in the lagoon? Not once did any of them find time alone with one of the girls and at least try to make a move? For that matter girls, what would you do alone on an island, not knowing if you'd ever get rescued, with the three men? I suppose we can consider what the two had to choose from. Wanting filet mignon the only choice they had was Spam. What about the Skipper and Gilligan? What was all that "little buddy" stuff anyway? I have come to the conclusion that all three of them couldn't get lucky at a women's prison with a fistful of pardons.
~ So there is your first: Who could put their shows under your bed? the Skipper, Gilligan, or the professor?
~ Apollo or Starbuck? Adam, Little Joe, or Hoss? Starsky or Hutch? Heath or Jarrod? Fred or Barney? Jim Morrison or Elvis? Woody or Sam? Norm or Cliff? Perry Mason or Hamilton Burger? The Fonz or Richie? Picard or Kirk? J.R. or Bobby? Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak? Sugarfoot or Cheyenne?
~ Maybe there are other pairs of men that women would debate over their sexiness, virtues or assets! Feel free readers to leave a comment naming your pair.
When it comes to sexy virtues, blue can answer to that!

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Jude Allen said...

LOL point,...lets see,...mary ann, samantha, veronica, julie newmar, bailey, bobbi jo, ellie mae, janet, neither kate nor allie, betty, deanna troy,...and zsa zsa gabor ;)