Tuesday, March 22, 2005


We all know that Gulliver had his problems during his travels. He was bound by stakes by the tiny Lilliputians. He was dressed and undressed by the 60 foot Brobdingnagians. He met the Sorcerers of Glubbdubrib, the intelligent horses known as the Houyhnhnms, and their enemies he beast-like Yahoos. He also met the inhabitants of Laputa, Luggnagg, and Balnibarbi.
* Now, I am facing my own Swiftian stress. I have blogs with no names. I have titles with no blogs. Then there the days where I have neither a blog nor a title. My problems aren't so gigantic, or Brobdingnagian as those that Gulliver endured, but they are no less perplexing to me.
* By using the names of those places visited by Gulliver, I may have stumbled upon a plethora of excuses for not posting. Why should I suffer the indignation of admitting to a malady such as "writer's block?" Why indeed! I have just coined some blogger afflictions.
* When asked why I haven't posted a blog lately, I will simply say that I have a Brobdingnagian crisis. Which in laymen terms would mean that I have no material ready to post, or no material ready to ready. Why say I have no idea of what to write? Now let's say that I post something just for the sake of posting for posting's sake, that would be Lilliputian blog. That is to say, that the subject material is of little or insignificant importance. Why call these blogs fillers, when Lilliputian sounds so much more impressive.
* Every now and then I will come up with an intelligent and insightful blog. Not bad, but why I should I settle for the mundane labels of intelligent and insightful, when I can name them after those horses? Hence, such blogs will be referred to as Houyhnhnmian or Houyhnhnmite!
* Suppose I unleashed a brilliant and memorable piece, a magical blog! After those Sorcerers, such a blog could be called nothing short of Glubbdubribian! Unfortunately, I have yet to post anything worthy of such praise. I have touched upon Houyhnhnmian entries. I certainly have had my share of Lilliputian postings. While I have had Brobdingnagian blocks, I can't rightly say that I have had Brobdingnagian blogs.
* I will have to revisit Swift's Gulliver's Travels to refresh my memory of the other peoples cited. Who knows, but I may have a need to use Laputan, Luggnaggian, and Balnibarbian excuses someday.
* Interesting, while trying to explain why I have not posted anything lately, I have coined some blog excuses, and in so doing have in fact ended up with a ... Lilliputian blog!
For a Gulliverian view of travel see: http://bluedillydilly.blogspot.com
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