Monday, March 14, 2005

Hillary-Martha Ticket?

I was aghast when I read that in a newspaper the other day. When I later heard the same thing mentioned on a talk show, I could only shake my head. It must be some kind of joke. It sounds like a punch line from Jay Leno. Jay had the gag order lifted to allow him to tell Michael Jackson jokes. Hopefully he found time to throw this one out there.
~ You know, it sounds just like something that might have come from a blog. It sounds like something I might have spawned. I'm innocent on this one, however. Not even I could dream up such an incorrigible pair running for office. Why not Natasha Fatale and the Sea Hag? Why not Ma Barker and Lizzie Borden?
~ This not to say that Natasha, Sea Hag, Ma and Lizzie are necessarily bad people, not at all. But would Hillary and Martha be a shoe-in for a Democratic nomination, let alone represent the Party in a run for the White House? It sure seems ludicrous to me.
~ Let's see now, Hillary was involved in a real estate scam. Martha knows how to trade stocks with insider information. Presidential and Vice Presidential material? Imagine if you will, President Hillary and the First Gentleman, Bill on Capitol Hill. Do we really want to turn Billy boy loose in the White House again? Just what trouble could he get into while Madam President is busy with National security or the National budget?
~ While you are the ones shaking your heads now, let us touch base with Martha in Washington, D.C. Imagine her first press release in a speech entitled "White House Living." Shudder at this thought, suppose she was put in charge of the Social Security moneys, free to invest it in the Stock market.
~ One favorable side to the prospect of this ticket is all the material that fall into Jay Leno's lap. Why, he might have some nights where his monologues run the entire program. With the potential wealth he could garner from this distaff duo, he might forgo guests altogether while they are in office.
~ I don't know if America is really ready for a woman President or not in the near future, but I am certain that we are not prepared for these two. Remember also, that Hillary isn't exactly a friendly proponent of health care. Even as the Veep, this would be too much power for a control freak like Martha. While important decisions of National and International importance are dealt with by Hillary at Camp David, Martha will probably retreat to Camp Alderson.
~ All we can hope to do is to railroad the debacle of this tandem before it happens. Remember, it is our votes that can put them into office, as well as to keep them out. Chances are that the other Democrats that are up for the nomination, may be but just the lesser of the two evils.
~ I Know the best way to prevent these two divas from attaining such a lofty office. Quite simply, I will submit my own nominees to the Democratic Party. For President, I the Pointmeister nominate Jessica Rabbit and as her running mate, Betty Boop! Now my fellow Americans, there is a ticket I could support. Why they are no more cartoons than are Hillary and Martha!
~ Yes, that's the ticket!

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