Wednesday, March 23, 2005


* (This blog is dedicated to Dm, a connoisseur of the good stuff)
* I know what you are thinking. The term Klondike conjures up images of tundras, Eskimos, and dog sleds. You wouldn't be wrong, given the near arctic conditions we've endured this winter, to envision snow. Living in a suburb north of Boston, I concur that in and of itself, Klondike hardly warms the soul, let alone one's body.
* Well, you can put your mind at ease and relax. Put away the parka, scarves, and gloves. Closet the skiing paraphenalia until the winter next. Although we can yet receive a smattering of snow for a few more weeks, it is Spring.
* When I think Klondike, I am not visualizing blizzards and snowdrifts. However, I am thinking frozen; not brrr-frozen, but ahh-frozen! I am talking about a refreshing chill to the palate. When I think blizzards, I think Dairy Queen. When I think zero, I think candy bars. When I think Klondike, I think ice cream!
* Wrapped in its silver foil bearing a polar bear, I am referring to a frozen treat. I'm talking ice cream! You get it now? I can taste it now, none other than a Klondike ice cream bar. It's a little bit of heaven packaged in a hand-sized square of chocolate covered ice cream.
* Its design is simplicity at its best, the wrapper can be peeled back and folded around the bar precluding the need for a dish. Just think of it, manna and no mess to clean. Picture me, if you will, snug as a bug in a rug in my Lazy Boy eating a Klondike bar. I tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this! I like to first bite into one corner, usually the right side, delighting in that gentle crunch of the chocolate coating before hitting that soothing cool ice cream inside. Next, I move to the opposite corner and repeat the process. Sometimes I like to see how much of the chocolate shell I can pull off with my teeth and not disturb the ice cream. This leaves exposed about an inch and a half of bare naked ice cream.
* Eyes closed, ice cream melting in my mouth, I find myself in need of a better word than ecstasy. While savoring one of these jewels of confection, sometimes my toes will curl within my slippers. Several times my curling toes will push my slippers off my feet. This happens especially when I am partaking of a Neapolitan Klondike bar.
* If turned the right way, my corner methods will produce a chocolate treat on one side and a strawberry sweetness on the other. This of course left an untouched tier of savory vanilla in the middle. I have yet to discover a way to assure this triangulation of flavor, for sometimes a row of chocolate would greet my taste buds leaving the strawberry separated by the vanilla, as the last of the delicacy.
* The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement. - George F. Will
* For discriminating tastes the Klondike bar is available in several flavors. There is of course, the original vanilla ice cream in a chocolate shell. Then there is the chocolate in chocolate, heaven on earth if there ever was. The three flavor bar, the aforementioned Neapolitan is a true masterpiece. To the mix, they also offer a Heath bar, a York Mint bar and a non-fat (perish the thought) bar. Recently they have unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, the new White House Cherry bar. All I can say about this one is! I will stop short of highly recommending this one. Why? Quite simply I do want to see a run on this baby, because I do not want to go to my local supermarket and find that there are none left!
* As you can see I like ice cream. Remember the saying, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream," I am not alone. You know the saying sounds good in Latin too, "Clamo, Clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis."
Unlike other people, I try to keep my love of ice cream subtle. I stop short of waxing passionate about it.
Uh, excuse me, but there is a scrumptious soothing Klondike bar calling me, I'm not about to keep it waiting for long!
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