Sunday, March 13, 2005

St. Patrick's Day

(Sigh!) Here it is another holiday for which we must go shopping. Another holiday meal that must be planned and prepared. Another day to compete with others who are facing the same questions. What to buy? How much? Or what to wear? Who to invite and how many? It's on a weekday, should we celebrate on the weekend before or not?
~ Of course the list must start with the corned beef, cabbage, carrots,etc., because no St. Patrick's celebration can be planned without a meal. No St. Patrick's meal is complete without something to wash it all down, something wet and frosty. Then there is all the paraphenalia. You just have to have shamrocks, and anything you find that is green.
Green Spree
~ So it goes, you have begun to amass all things green. If your local school, college, or pro team happens to have green colors, so much the better, you can always break out their caps and shirts! You score a green tablecloth with white shamrocks that matches your white napkins with green shamrocks. The green garland, Irish themed window decorations, to which you impulsively add that green plastic derby, slowly begin to fill your basket. At the check out register you espy an array of shiny bright pins. There are shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, and of course there is a Leprechaun to choose from. That decision is easy, and you don't want to second guess, thus you get one of each.
Seeing Green
The days following find us sporting all kinds of symbols of Ireland and of St. Patrick, whether it's the clothing on our bodies, or pins displayed on our breasts, or the green carnations upon our lapels. Business men are wearing ties regaled in various shades of greens and green patterns. The women are decked out in green sweaters, green skirts. At some place on nearly every person's body, there is at least a token object of St. Patrick's Day, or an Irish theme.
Leapin' Leprechauns
Not lost on the television networks, the approach of St. Patrick's Day means dusting off movies and programs from the shelves. We will certainly check the listings for "The Quiet Man," starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Sullivan. For some, "Finnians Rainbow," will be the film du jour. Others might prefer "Pete's Dragon." The Cartoon Network will roll out their cache of Irish and Leprechaun animated features. No doubt the Lucky Charms ads will be running.
Shillelagh Shenanigans
There will be various St. Patrick's Days festivities all over, especially those in predominantly Irish neighborhoods. Nearly everywhere, there will be parades led by the politicians marching before throngs of people lining the streets.
Green beer will be flowing. Corned beef and cabbage will be consumed, and washed down with more beer. Did you have the chance to swing by Mickie Dee's and have green milkshake yet? The step dancers had been practicing for this very day for months. Isn't it amazing how many people think they can dance the jig after several frosty ones?
Amateur Night
There are two nights of the year that I refuse to leave the house. New Year's Eve being the first, as there are too many people out there partying, drinking and driving. To many that is one of the few times they actually go out at all. The other, of course, is St. Patrick's Day. Like New Year's Eve, this one too is amateur night. It is on this night that the Irish population grows expotentially. The Irish wannabes do serve one purpose, they spend lots of money, thus contributing to the economy. From this group comes those who attempt to dance ill-advised jigs. This fraternity includes those who make vain communication with their version of an Irish brogue. "I say, Lassie. Got any Irish in Ya? Nae? Would ye like some?" I daresay, I doubt that this line has actually ever worked. But hats off to the lass who replies, "I'm afraid ye would be a wee bit too little!" Of course there will be the customary spate in force of the Irish jokes. Those who can mimic the Irish brogue, manage to spice up these jokes rather nicely. When I think of Irish humor, why not conjure up a few clever limericks? "There was a girl from Nantucket, who..oops! Never mind! That's a subject for a blog another day. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all! Have fun and enjoy. Be careful all of you.
Erin Go Braugh!

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