Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Don't Wanna Go!

Dear Blogging Buddies,

This will be probably be my last post for a while - a long while!

I can't believe it, I've been recalled to active duty!! I'm being shipped off to the Persian Gulf! God damned Bush and his friggin' war! I have only two weeks of civilian freedom left! Two weeks!

I don't feel like posting much more right now. I'm too upset - too angry! I have scanned and uploaded the letter I just received today.

Sept.23, 2006
Department of Defense, U.S. Navy

Greetings Michael W. Ashley,
Service Nbr. B-20-17-32
Rank DC 2nd Class

You Have Been Recalled to Active Duty


The US Navy has recalled you to Active Duty.

Because of the current shortage of military personnel, you will be
receiving orders calling you to active duty. The DOD has decided that your
services are needed on board a newly commissioned patrol ship to operate
in the Persian Gulf, so you will be joining your shipmates in the next
couple of weeks.

This will be tough duty for an elderly man like you, but, in the face of
the present manpower shortage, you must answer your country's call to duty.

You will receive orders in a few days, directing you to your home port in
time to meet the ship, which will be returning from shakedown training.

They are a ragged and scurvy lot, rather young and rough; no doubt they
will need extensive training.

Best wishes for a very rewarding cruise.
I have attached a photo of your new crew

Best Regards,
Donald Rumsfeld

After some careful thought, I have decided that it is an honor to serve my country!



Peter said...

WAAAL.... Color me green!!!!!!
Have a good cruise Mike, you're right it will probably be your last post for a VEEEERY long time.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. Don't think I would be up to the cruise. I've added you to my blog roll.

Miss Cellania said...

Poor you. I've heard that sleeping quarters are very crowded on Navy vessels.

jules said...

Damn you almost gave me a heart attack. You DESERVE what you get!

Karen said...

whata better way to go, eh!?! :+)

Thoughts said...

Do they need someone for house cleaning, swabbing the decks... etc...?


Christina said...

Oh, you poor thing! (spoken with more than a hint of sarcams mixed with laughter)

Hello Betty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. .. feel free to stop by at any time.

I checked out your post on corporate condomns and had a big laugh... and I was reminded of the one "once you pop you just can't stop" what is this slogan from?

By the way... it seems like you'll be needing a few of these condoms for your upcoming line of duty...

Normally I would feel bad hearing that you were going to serve.. but after seeing the crew you'll be working with... there's nothing really to cry about isn't there... I don't think you'll ever want to come back...hahah

Cheri said...

Okay, you deserve quite the spanking for scaring me like that!! I'm sure someone on the ship will be able to discipline you for me!! lol

Unknown said...

Duh on me - I am soooo gullible LOL You stinker! LOL
(Glad you'll still be around)