Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ya Know What Really Bugs Me...

I suppose I probably do things that bug other people. What bothers me are those who go out of their way to bring those things to my attention. Let them go write a blog about it!

Now that they are occupied, I'll write my own blog about things that bug me!
Ya know what really bugs me ....?

Politicians, who with an entourage of suck-ups or family members stroll into neighborhoods that their shadows have never been cast upon, and will never again whether elected or not, trying to convince total strangers they are the best one for the office.
Political Sign Bearers who think standing outside in all kinds of weather supporting a candidate will assure them of some cushy job that unbeknownst to them has already been promised to the jerk's brother-in-law.
Political Signs stuck in the yards of people who were paid to have them placed there, even though they are voting for someone else.
Political Endorsements by newspapers. (Isn't the Press supposed to be impartial?)
Political Fliers Nuff said?
Fliers left on my windshield while I'm in the store.
Fliers for Pizza shops and landscapers left stuck in my front door.
Fliers stuffed in the daily newspapers. What, they had too many left over from Sunday?
Rosie O'Donnell
Waiters and Waitresses who are not alert enough to see you frantically waving your arms to get their attention, but hone in on you when your mouth is full and ask "Can I get you anything else?" or "Is everything okay?"
Stickers on Produce.
Stickers on CDs and DVDs that seal the edges of the cases and cannot be removed without tearing two or three times.
Barry Bonds and whole steroid controversy.
Colorized black and white old films. It just isn't right.
Infomercials pushing products for $14.95 - and if you act now - you get another one free - and if you use a credit card they throw in a battery-operated nose hair clipper - an $80 value ..... and you pay the unstated S&H fees. (Can anyone else see that they are making money on the shipping and handling charges?)
X Games
Spoiled Brat Celebrities whose only talents are getting either high, drunk or both? (Can't somebody buy a certain few of them some underwear?)
Product Packaging especially on electronic products that requires nothing short of acetylene torches and C4 to open.
Resealable packages that don't reseal.
Pharmaceutical products that have more side effects than those they supposedly cure or relieve.
TV Journalists or news reporters who mispronounce even words that President Bush has no trouble pronouncing.

I could go on and on .... but I won't. I wouldn't want this post to take on the qualities and appearance of a ...rant.

Ya know what else really, really bugs me? There are too many things to mention that bug me!



Peter said...

Hi Mike, what really bugs me are bugs.

Miss Cellania said...

I'm with you, Peter! Lots of things bother me, but bugs are way up at the top!

Of course, I have the same effect on waitresses as Mike...

Jack K. said...

Flying bugs are a real pest.

Fliers in the newspaper.

The weekly shopper paper delivered to your driveway whether you want it or not. It goes straight to the recycle bin.

You can buy them underwear, but you can't make them wear it.

The anti-snitching movement.

Really long, inane comments.

Oops. Time to move on to the next web journal.

So many journals, so little time, so sore the typing hands.

Christina said...

yeah, most of those things bug me too. and don't even get me STARTED on things my hubby does to bug me! (LOL)

Badabing said...

Man, I stopped reading after those four 'political' items...they were enough to raise my blood pressure 40 points.