Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Grouch

~ This is neither an attack against Sesame Street nor an affront to Oscar the Grouch. Indeed, I kind of like Oscar and his trash can way of life. I suppose I would be grouchy too if I lived in a cramped trash can.
~ I can however, get grouchy about the trash dished out at the Academy Awards ceremony. While I am no film critic, and I don't claim to be, I do know what I like. I do not like the glitzy fashion extravaganza of the grand entrances that gets almost as much attention as the awards themselves. Joan Rivers and that puppy dog daughter might revel in what the stars are wearing, but they should stand in front of the mirror before showing up and realize that "dowdy" is not in. Wake up people, it's just another awards show!
~ If I didn't become grouchy by the lemming-like exits from the limousines, maybe I'd be better prepared for the assault on my intelligence by the so-called acceptance speeches. Roget's Thesaurus offers up for speech such synonyms as discourse, chatter, address, articulating and talk. If I may, I'll offer up a few more: rambling, babbling, or blathering. Unfortunately actors and actresses have turned their opportunity to thank whoever helped them get there into a forum to express their political views. In the past there was Fonda's anti-war cause, and Redgrave's tirade against anti-semitism. Of note more recently was the blathering of Michael Moore. He cannot separate facts from fiction in his films, so how are we to respect his political views? One could almost, I repeat almost feel sorry for the pathetic buffoonery regurgitated by Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Wake up people, it's just another awards show.
~ It isn't about the dresses the actresses are wearing and almost wearing. It isn't about Joan and her puppy. It certainly isn't about who designed this or that. These are Arnold's little girlie men who design clothes they wish they could wear themselves. It may come as a shock to those in the audience and those watching at home, but there is an awards show that is supposed to be the main attraction.
~ To those of you who are actually going to watch, if that is your cup of tea I hope you enjoy it. As for me I am going to watch a movie marathon. Back to back to back they are running Waterworld, The Postman,and Battlefield Earth. While you are mesmerized by gowns by GitchieGoo or whomever, I have nuked some popcorn, iced up some mugs for frosties, and settled in my recliner. I just love oscar night!
~ Wake up people, it's just another awards show!

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