Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blog Jammed

~ It was inevitable. How long could I have hoped to maintain such a pace? I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I quite literally had run into a blog jam. You could say I was blogged down.
~ Ever since I had delved into the world of blogging, I had had no trouble getting onto paper the fragmented thoughts, transforming them into intelligible sentences, and finally posting them. Whether you call it a labor of love or a fool's folly, I had begun to post like a machine to the tune of two or three entries a night. The count had even reached four on a few occasions. The ratio of ideas to postings had been static. I was even coming up with new ideas while I was posting a current idea.
~ In hind sight, I suppose that wasn't such a bad thing. Unfortunately, I attempted to step up the output onto screen to keep or stay ahead of the ideas. As long as I was transforming ideas in my head to published blogs, my brain was generating bits and pieces of new ideas. The factory that was my brain, kept churning them out while my hands were committing them to paper so that post-haste I could post them. Then a curious thing happened. It shouldn't have, but it caught me off guard. The idea list I been keeping, once three or four in number, started growing larger and at a faster pace than I was able to process. The input was clearly growing expotentially at a pace far exceeding output. I now have two pages front and back on legal sized paper.
~ There seemed to be an easy enough solution, all I had to do was one of two things; I could furiously increase my output, or I could shut off the ideas. Even as I considered those two options, three more ideas materialized. Output was not about to win out. I could have ignored the ideas until I caught up. Any idea has potential, so that was ruled out also. There are writers' blocks and there are blog jams.
~ That's when it happened, that the ideas that had shown potential became a jumble of meaningless letters and words. Last night at eight o'clock I found myself in a purgatory. I had absolutely nothing to post. A scan of the ideas list had produced not even an inkling. Inspiration, I realized is not something you can turn on and off. Inspiration is a bolt out the blue and not a contrived idea.
~ Then, there it was! That bolt out of the blue came as a sound byte from the television in the next room. A promo was reminding me to stay tuned for the Academy Awards show. At that precise moment with my ears focused on the next room, my eyes fell upon "Sesame Street" on my ideas list. Suddenly my brain whirred into production. It was a natural transition from the statuette named Oscar to the trash can where Oscar the Grouch lived. Voila, a blog!
~ Then it was Deja Vu all over again, as Yogi succinctly had put it. It is Monday night and the blog jam is still in control. So it seemed, until I just started to ramble on about having nothing to post again. Although I didn't feel the bolt tonight, there before me was a blog about blogging, or more precisely a blog about not blogging.
~ The ideas for future blogs seems to be blank now too. The input and output are moving at the same pace, at a standstill. In the very least, I can slow down and try to digest some of those ideas pending. I am under no deadline.
Nothing says I have to publish every night. It's time to concentrate on quality and quantity will follow.

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