Monday, May 02, 2005

May Day!

Son of a gun! I just realized why I was having such a bad day yesterday. It was the first day of May! The dynamics of my weekends are about to change. Those changes are not necessarily good either. Let's see, I have to fix the gate to the back yard. I haven't tuned up the lawn mower yet. I haven't cleaned up all the leaves from last fall yet. I haven't pulled out the barbecue yet either.]
~ If it's true that April showers bring May flowers, then my yard is going to have a bumper crop of dandelions. Of course, I have no idea where the weeding tools might be. Thus far no dandelions have been harmed writing this blog. I did manage to put away all the snow removal gear last weekend, but I tossed them in the garage. I think when I hang them up on the hooks, I will probably find the weeding gear beneath the pile.
~ It poured rain all day long Saturday and it was cold, damp and overcast today well into the afternoon. Well the only thing that didn't happen was the delivery of the mail, because I was out there running those errands that are inevitable the weekend after pay day. It seems that I remember that mailmen had some kind of oath about the mail getting through. In darkest night ... oops ... that's Green Lantern. There was at least one half hour or so that it rained the hardest. One third of that time found me putting air in a tire of my truck. That coin-operated compressor wasn't working at its optimum either. In a word, I was drenched. Yes, it would have been a lovely day if I were a duck!
~ Water dripping from the bill of my cap, I was fated not to be dry for several hours more. My errands included stopping at a mailbox to deposits some bills, a visit to the ATM machine to get some spending cash, and finally a jaunt into the market for some groceries. Naturally, to accomplish all of these errands, I had to leave the shelter of my truck and dash to them. I chose to enter the market through the door that begins your shopping in the freezer section. This day was becoming a cold waiting to happen for sure.
~ Fortunately, I didn't cross paths with the lady and her angry shopping cart. (That's another story, which is detailed in the blog "Got Milk?" Nbr. 125.) It will still raining when I pulled in my driveway. As I was lugging the bags up the front stairs, I saw that the mailman had finally been there. This meant that after the groceries were in the house, I had to venture out again to retrieve the mail. Mail, indeed. Several circulars and pizza shop menus were the mail du jour. Of all days, the mailman also left us our neighbor's mail too. "Sigh," it looked like I had to make another trip out into the elements.
~ The neighbor, however did not get any mail on Saturday. Curiously, on Sunday morning some mail arrived. I almost felt bad when the son next door was yelled at for not bringing in the mail the day before. For some strange reason, I seemed to be fresh out of compassion. It was May Day and I had enough to worry about. There was no May Poles in my world. Hmm ... now some where out there in that garage, maybe under the shovels and on top of the weeding tools, there is a pole - my fishing pole! Just another thing to occupy my weekends.

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