Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Panty Raid

A Middleboro, Ma., town official was caught on video tape practicing a time-honored prank. What college student hasn't heard of or participated in a panty raid? Dennis Eve should have left it on the campus, instead of pilfering his neighbor's Victoria's Secret underwear.
~ Mr. Eve, a member of the town's finance committee and a special needs education teacher has been charged with larceny and destruction of property as a result of the alleged theft. His neighbor, Gina Roy had noticed that on several occasions some of her pricey panties were missing. The apartment building in which the two reside has a common laundry room located in the basement of each building in the complex.
~ Suspecting a pervert might be responsible, she arranged to have a hidden camera set up in the laundry room. She had only to wait until the very next time she had laundry. The man was clearly recognized as he was seen entering the laundry room, opening the lid to the washer she was using and pulling articles of clothing from the machine. The video was shown to the local police, who promptly questioned the man.
~ He said, "The machine's load was out of balance. He was simply adjusting the load." That was his his story and he was sticking to it.
~ The stolen panties obviously rated a larceny charge. Roy, said that the panties were part of a matching set. With the panties missing she was left with incomplete nighties, hence the added charge of destruction of property.
~ Maintaining his innocence, Mr. Eve is on administrative leave from his job at East Junior High School in Brockton. Middleboro finance officials are considering similar action, pending results of the charges later this month.
~ The camera installation was performed by a crew from the TV tabloid show Current Affair. Tonight at 6 PM EST on Fox, they will air the tape so that all of America can judge for themselves if the man was conducting a one-man panty raid or if he is fact on the "level."
~ Gina Roy said she only wants her panties back or the cash equivalent so that she can replace them. In the meantime she isn't sure what she will wear when she goes out.
~ Gina, everyone in America will be wondering what you are wearing. If you are wearing that mini-skirt, every man will be wondering what you are or are not wearing!
~No. 131

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