Tuesday, July 12, 2005

At Sea

(When you are at sea, it is easy to feel humbled. Every direction you choose to look, all you can see is the horizon. At night under a clear sky, it seems that you see can forever. It is easy to feel insignificant. The following was inspired by such a night somewhere in the North Atlantic.)

At Sea

The crested swells appear snow capped
As they rise and fall;
So calm, but yet unrelaxed
Neath a starry domed wall.

The moon's light lay broken
O'er the ripples of the sea,
Adding a luster silently spoken
As an ember before me.

The sea is as a young maiden,
Virgin and so fair,
Disturbed by a vessel laden
Through the salt-kissed air.

Its motion leaving a wake
In the pattern of the crests.
Ah, tis the craft's mistake -
The sea's rage ne'er rests!

The calm becomes storm -
The violated virgin slaps the face
Of a crew tired and worn
Because of the sailing pace.

But just as a loving woman,
There is mercy and she blesses;
For now she kisses every man,
And holds them in the caresses

Of a calming sea breeze
And bids them farewells;
For they will rest in peace
Neath the rising swells

That appear to be snow capped
As they in turn fall,
So calm, but yet unrelaxed
Neath the starry domed wall.

-(November 15, 1969, Aboard U.S.S. Warrington (DD-843) at sea)

No. 238


schnoodlepooh said...

these two poems are not nearly as morose as the Sky Diver one. Nice imagery. I love the ocean, but am really afraid of being in the middle of it, like you describe here. Did you see the movie "The Perfect Storm"? No thanks, not for me. I'm too young to die.... (aren't we all...)

Paul Lambert said...


Just ran across your blog. I'm relatively new to blogging, and was doing a bunch of different searches to see what I might find.

A number of commonalities in our lives: Herbert Hoover grad (class of 1971), spent some time with the Navy (on DD-836), haven't lived in WV since high school.

I'll cruise through your blog when I have some more time. You're welcome to check out mine as well.

See you around.