Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Mirror Of My Mind

The Mirror Of My Mind
As I gaze into the mirror of my mind,
Which reflects of memories far behind,
I see the images of bygone dreams;
To my dismay, it somehow seems
That neither present nor future matter
When that mirror begins to shatter.
Because of the frequent reflections,
I visualize my life in small sections;
But if only that mirror's face
Somehow I could simply erase,
Allowing my eyes to see the future
And then perhaps, I'd feel secure.
But if I were able to see that yet to come,
Could I accept the knowledge and succumb
To the inevitable fate I've yet to live?
Would I take more than I want to give?
I might not like that which for me lies ahead
And so choose to atone for the past instead.
Were it I could but grasp my very heart,
I'd hurl it, shattering that mirror apart!
For if I can't see what lies ahead,
Why must I have reason to dread?
You see, the past is just a broken leg,
And I'm immune to the future's plague.
( November 28, 1969 Aboard U.S.S Warrington (DD-843) at sea off Portugal)

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