Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogger Computer Toons

Half asleep, or is it half awake? Standing before the
computer, Mike pondered what he could write about
today, while he waited for his "high-speed" line to
connect him to his Web Site. The piping hot coffee was
downloading faster than his Web Page was uploading. He
decided that he might as well get dressed while the drive
worked as fast as the speed of light.

Unfortunately, the second cup of Joe tasted like crap!

Revived by the miracle of a hot shower and a fresh pot of coffee, his fingers began to dance upon the keyboard.

Then it happened! The servor crashed! Everything he had been working on was lost. He would have to start over.

Thinking he had at last recovered everything, he waited for the computer to confirm. He did not like the message that appeared on his screen!

It was time for another cup of Columbian Mud!

That was the day that Mike decided he needed to upgrade his system


Little did he know that his new system was powered by lightning! He had unwittingly awakened Frankenputer.

Legend has it that the monster was actually gentle as a kitten and the too began to blog successfully happily thereafter.


1 comment:

schnoodlepooh said...

Frankenputer! That's awesome. Is this a true story? I like the cartoon of the computer in the toilet. I've been tempted sometimes...