Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Listing To Starboard

I must be just about one of the few bloggers who has not compiled a "List Of Things About Me." I suppose it is time for me to correct that oversight. It seems to be an easy enough undertaking. We shall see...
  • 5 snacks I like to munch on: (1) Pop Secret Homestyle Microwave Popcorn, (2) Cheet-os, (3) Moon Pies - chocolate, (4) Cheez-its, and (5) Red seedless grapes
  • 5 bands I know the lyrics to most of their songs: (1) Grass Roots, (2) Credence Clearwater Revival, (3) The Guess Who, (4) Tommy James & the Shondelles, and (5) The Beatles
  • 5 things I like to do: (1) writing/blogging, (2) drawing, painting and wood crafting, (3) watching football (soon!), (4) word games and puzzles, and (5) go antique hunting
  • 5 bad habits: (1) Smoking, (2) Procrastination, (3) Snacking instead of having a good meal, (4) Stopped drawing and painting, and wood crafting, and (5) Frivolous spending
  • 5 locations I liked to runaway to: (1) Tahiti, (2) New Zealand, (3) Australia, (4) Barcelona, Spain, and (5) Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 5 things I wouldn't get caught dead wearing: (1) thong bathing-suit, (2) spandex, (3) any T-shirt, cap promoting a consumer product, (4) flip-flops outside the house, and (5) Capri pants
  • 5 things I miss from my youth: (1) my parents, (2) my grandparents' farm, (3) drive-in restaurants and movies, (4) pick-up ball games, and (5) skinny dipping
  • 5 things I'd do with $100 million: (1) make sure immediate family and my siblings are taken care of, (2) retire, (3) be a philanthropist to charities, especially those for children, (4) new vehicles for family, and (5) a summer home far, far away from winter
  • 5 TV shows I like (current): (1)_____, (2)_____, (3)______, (4)______, and (5)_______! (There are none whatsoever)
  • 5 TV shows I like (all time): (1) Star Trek: Generations, (2) Cheers, (3) Taxi, (4) Barney Miller, and (5) All In The Family
  • 5 TV shows I dislike: (1) Rosanne, (2) Everybody Loves Raymond, (3) Seinfeld, (4) Drew Carey, and (5) any so-called reality program (pick one)
  • 5 Movies I like: (1) Jurassic Park, (2) Once Upon A Time In The West, (3) The Party, (4) Airplane, and (5) The Natural
  • 5 Movies I disliked: (1) The Godfather, (2) Pulp Fiction, (3) Austin Powers, (4) Barry Lyndon, and (5) any remake (pick one)
  • 5 Famous people I'd like to meet (living): (1) Stephen Hawking, (2) Arthur C. Clarke, (3) Stephen Spielberg, (4) Chuck Yeager, and (5) Condoleesa Rice
  • 5 Famous people I'd liked to have met (deceased): (1) Jules Verne, (2) Will Rogers, Sr., (3) Mark Twain, (4) Ernest Hemingway, and (5) Ernie Pyle

Well, for now that will have to due. Cannot think of any other categories right now. I'll review others' lists and add them later on.



Carolyn said...

Hello Hale!
Thanks for visiting my blog. It's cool to meet other WV bloggers (even if you're elsewhere now). You may link to me if you like and I'll do the same. Come back and visit anytime-- and bring your CCR CD and that bag of Cheeto's! :)

schnoodlepooh said...

Wow. That's pretty good. I'm afraid to do one of those things for fear of leaving out something important. you really should quit smoking, you know.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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shelly said...

Well hello, saw your little list of likes and dislikes and some were funny and in your face type things, but funny just the same. You and I have no likes or dislikes incommon. Oh except ''all in the family'' I bought the entire dvd collection for all seasons because I love Archie! My husband is a self claimed Redneck and I suppose thats close enough to a hillbilly? lol Other then that nothing really but I loved your cander. Blog me anytime, byby for now, michelle

shelly said...

Oh yes, one more thing we are smokers too and those who dont can really get on my nerves, you too? michelle

Karyn Lyndon said...

"I think I picked the wrong week to give up barbiturates."

"There's a bathroom on the right."

Oh, I really miss my Grandparent's ranch.

And thank you for not wearing capri pants.