Monday, August 15, 2005


Today I've found myself in a cantankerous rather than creative mood. No particular reason. I hadn't been in a cantankerous mood in such a long time, I thought I'd try it today. Just like riding a bicycle - with the seat missing! I've gotta get off my sore arse and buy a seat for that bike. But then again, what fun would it be to get cantankerous? The more I think of it, I don't particularly like riding that bike. I was pedaling for twenty minutes and the scenery was so boring! I swear , it felt like I was the same corner of the room that I started out in. I never did catch up to that dry sink across the room. I guess I am out of shape even though I didn't even break out in to a sweat.

I even broke out that GIF of the biker again. I guess I was too cantankerous to surf for some other image to plunder. I think someone should tell him that it isn't wise to ride a bike when you are drunk! If you're gonna get drunk, take the car! That bike doesn't have air bags or seat belts. Ever hit a pothole on one of those? If your in the mood to sing like Frankie of the 4 Seasons, then by all means a couple of potholes will have you doing a perfect rendition of Big Girls Don't Cry, especially if you have no seat.

I did a little sneaking around the blogosphere today to see what I could plagiarize. Old Hoss might have finally hit upon the schtick that'll earn him that long awaited pile. He thinks it'd be a good idea to start a camp for the kiddies up in the Cascades. He would teach 'em to cook fried eggs. But he forgot one thing, it wouldn't be much of a camp if they didn't at least learn how to short-sheet. That's camping 101, Hoss.

Scnoodlepooh continues to post some pics of the pets. She has one of the best looking blogs around. Well, I think it was her. Hard to tell with those Foster Grants on. We finally got some relief from the heat today. We had a nasty bout of thunder and lightning this afternoon. And did we ever get some long over due rain. If Peg had been around here, her menagerie would have grown expotentially, because it sure did rain cats and dogs! Yeah, I recycled that pic of the tree in the rain again.

When the going gets rough, the rough get going. Take
Aral for instance, carpal tunnel wrists and a team made up of half lesbians and half straights. Make that half of the team is one and half is the other. Beyond that she paints and blogs too!

I learned a little about his adventures with e-mail, gmail, hotmail and webmail.
John surmised in the end you get what you pay for!

I found a site today that truely depicts a person with way too much time on her hands. Check out
Miss McDonald. Her visitors and their comments are worth the price of the ticket alone.

I thought the picture above and to the right was great! My daughter sent it to me attached to an e-mail.

I finally posted the next installment of my not-so-short short story. The plot sickens, er thickens. I've been in a little, no a lot, of a crossroad with the story. Writing in installments has had its traps for me. I have to keep going back to what has been posted to make sure that the elements of the plot are not askew. The action will be picking up starting in the next posting, The Firth of Fourth. Catchy title, eh?

For laughs, over at Yahell (Yahoo) I opened up another blog site. For the most part Footloose And Fantasy Free will be devoted to my passion for Fantasy Football. The season will be starting soon. Indeed, pre-season exhibition games are being played already. I will post other things there as well, mainly stuff that I don't wish to post here for any number of reasons. Material more of an adult nature will go over there. I'll keep this site as close to clean as I can. Don't get me wrong, it is not and will not be an adult site - no porn - maybe off-color material - but no porn.

I am now feeling less cantankerous. The title of this post, by the way can be used instead of cantankerous. It is an Italian word which roughly means "he who doesn't give a shit!" It can be used as meaning a devil may care attitude. When talking of governments, we often hear the term lais' sez faire , wherein they let the people act without interference. I guess you could say such a government is being cantankerous in a menefreghista way.


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schnoodlepooh said...

Hey Mike, you've got SPAM.
Just how many chapters are in your little short story? I want it to END. Don't get me wrong. I like it, but the suspense is driving me crazy.