Friday, September 16, 2005

A Clean Plate?

With a far-reaching network of contributors, The Pointmeister has discovered these license plates on various vehicles in the state of Oregon.

It appears that Old Hoss has a fleet of vehicles scouring the state to find ways to make his pile.

Curiously, the following plate was seen in Washington state. Can it be that Peg has some endeavors of her own to make her pile?
If there was doubt about how enterprising she may be, the following plate was spotted in Idaho:

And in Texas, is there any doubt who these might be?*


*(If you would like to make your own license plates check out: )


OldHorsetailSnake said...



Some children..... Sheesh!

schnoodlepooh said...

Love the plates! Actually, now you've given me a grand idea. The next time mine renews, maybe I'll get one of those personalized plates!

Karyn Lyndon said...

If I put these on the front of my car then my reputation really will precede me. Thanks for thinking of me (I think.)

Inanna said...

I came, I saw, I duct taped... is my anthem in life. :-)

Funny how after 33-34 years you still see yourself as a hillbilly. It just never leaves does it?

Hale McKay(Mike) said...

No, Inanna, it never does. You can take the boy out of he hills, but you can't take the hills out of the boy.