Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The (Blog) Devil Made Me Do It

With the recent additions to my blog roll, I am finding that I am sometimes spending more time reading others' blog and less time finding something "decent" to post to my own site. Don't get me wrong, I find it very enjoyable and often educational to traipse through the blogosphere.

Some of the blogs are so good, that I tend to rethink what and how I write. Fortunately, I realize that they are operating in the same manner. Each of us has our own style, they have theirs and I have mine. We are unique and so is our literature. (I like to call it literature sometimes as opposed to the mundane term, blog.)

Today while I was reading several postings, I came across a few that were a little South of decent, not pornographic but subtle in their approach. Thus I decided I would wax a little South myself. After all, the (blog) devil made me do it!

The picture above made we chuckle at its subtle message. It is of course preposterous to think any woman would interpret that request in such a way. Yet, the implied practice seems to have become a "fashion" statement of sorts.

Although there are certainly some women who the epithet "bitch" fits like a glove, I try to use the word judiciously. Having said that, I could not help but find the cartoon at the right quite funny. It was cute when the commercials for Nut'N Honey were airing, but I'd wager that within minutes of its innaugural appearance, someone had already started drawing such a cartoon or a comedian had a joke in his routine.

In a world filled with so many sick and perverted people, it is nice to see that sometimes they get their comeuppances. The image of the flasher being humiliated instead of his "victim" puts a whole new slant on "turnabout is fair play."

Naturally, of course, any attack on on a man's endowments is a sensitive issue. For many men, they are driven by that head rather the one on their shoulders. It is the nature of the male human animal that despite the fact that he spends the first nine months of his existence in the womb, he spends the rest of his life trying to get back in there.

Evidently the creative person who came up with the idea to desecrate even the image of Bugs Bunny was a man. Perhaps his exaggeration of Bugs' manhood, is an innate attempt to offset his own "shortcomings." In fact, he might even be our flasher friend above. From some primal instinct, there are men who wield it as if it possessed some irresistible power. You don't need me to tell you that some people shouldn't be allowed to play with guns.

I was hesitant to post this picure at first, because it does go a little farther South than the other pics.

Ah, but remember, the (blog) devil made me do it!

Finally, there is Count Dracula, the ulimate lady killer. He too has that male ego that drives him to chase the fairer sex.
Mortal men think of themselves as desirable to their prey. The Count on the other hand, hypnotizes the women to find him desirable.

Unlike us mere mortals, it is his teeth that he wishes to sink into his dates. Like me, he is driven.

The (blog) devil made us do it! (The girls who read this are getting a kick out of it too!)



OldHorsetailSnake said...

You could write all this, and show all this, and not one word, not one picture, about hickeys? Sheesh. Some people....

aka_monty said...

Personally, I thought the 9" was the funniest. :) Maybe because I'm a girl.
Most of us have been there at one time or 'nuther. ;)