Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blog, Stock and Barrel

Today while I was surfing the web for some interesting images to harvest, I happened onto a site which supplied links to some "different" sites. I could use such synonyms as odd, strange or bizarre and still not properly describe some of them. I suspect that these sites are deep in the underbelly of the Internet.
....Won't you come along for a ride down the causeway that features the side shows and freaks?

Come on, admit it! You've always wanted a fish tank on your toilet. Well, the Pointmeister has found them. Simply visit Aquariass and place your order today. The fish tank is self-contained and the flushing water is separated from your aquarium.

Before today, I never knew I needed a popcorn fork ! Does it mean no more dropped popcorn? When I learned it had a built-in salt shaker, man was I sold!

Now this a great idea for a Christmas gift! Ladies, this will be appreciated by your man and it gives the "subtlest" of hints. (Don't tell him, but you can use it too.)

This is a must have for those who live in the country or like country flavors to their homes. These clocks will become the envy of your neighbors and a family heirloom for the ages.

Even if you are not politically active, these one of a kind cookies will impress you so much you might not want to eat them at all. Don't care for politics? Try the other offerings.

Ladies, does your man turn you off because he is too hairy? This product is for you. The cartoon intro alone is worth a visit to the site.

Dog lovers I found something for you too! Is your dog one of those breeds that have a bad reputation? You can solve that problem with this simple kit and easy to follow instructions. An 'actual' transformation can be seen at the site.

If you know someone who is tired of the fact that their truck has no balls, you can fix that problem here . A must have for all truckers.

This Pez site should be of particular interest to the Pez Family of Bloggers. You can actually have your own likenesses applied to a personalized Pez dispenser. When I clicked on this feature, however, it came up "page temporarily unavailable." He also has photos of an impressive collection of these dispensers, as well as other features.

I don't know, perhaps it is me, but I find it disturbing that a grown man would want to dress up as Peter Pan .

Did you ever have an uncle who like to play this silly joke on you? Maybe it was your father or grandfather? Maybe it was a nun at your Catholic school? Maybe you have been the perpetrator of the trick yourself. On the red screen, click on either of the two hands.

What do Michael Landon, FDR and Suzanne Somers all have in common? If you guessed this you'd be correct.

Finally, I'll complete a baker's dozen by directing you to a restaurant in Hampshire Dorset in England. It is quite a fancy place and is quite popular. They even grow their own fresh seasonal vegetables in a new Steinway Grand Piano. But what stands out the most about this eatery is its unusual name . Check out the menu items on the side bars for a few raised eyebrows.

I hope you enjoyed this jaunt through the rock garden, where when you turn over a stone, you'll never know what you'll find lurking there.



Cheri said...

These were hysterical! Your right, I love that toilet bowl, the popcorn folk and the pull balltrimmer. Thanks for the entertainment tonight!

Karyn Lyndon said...

My link finger is tired now!

Rilla said...

Wow, you really did list me on your blog. Now I'm famous! Thanks.

I could probably put up with fish on my toilet, but no way would I buy a popcorn fork. I like a little popcorn on my butter! They should sell me a popcorn straw.