Saturday, October 08, 2005

Honey-Do: In Knots

Now is this a good way to relax with a cup of coffee? I just have to see how she's going to do the morning crossword or the Jumble!

In my own way, I was sipping coffee Saturday morning. My wife was about to leave to meet my daughter and the mother of the groom at the hall to get everything ready for the Wedding tomorrow afternoon. The count down has reached one day!

As of that moment, my only duty that I knew of, was to lug the remainder of the mountain that had dominated our dining room the day before down to the basement. As such, I was in no hurry. It was a perfect time to finally sit back and watch the DVD of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I am a big fan of the four books of the trilogy by Douglas Adams. I am now a big fan of the movie also.

Throughout the day, Wedding Central remained a hub of phone activity. The news reports were certainly better than they had been the day before. Although it had taken some return trips for some of the male members of the Wedding party, the tuxedos were finally acceptable. One member of the party, the Best Man no less, had waiting until Saturday afternoon to pick up his tux. I suppose no news is good news, and as such I can only surmise that it fit okay.

There was an adventure involving the tuxedos for two members of the Party, however. Derek, an attendant and husband of one of the Maids-of-Honor and his step-son Dion went through by far the most aggravation. Of course, the one who lived the farthest away, New Hampshire, would be the one with most problems. Derek's shirt was too small, so small he could not button a single button at his chest and stomach. Dion's tuxedo did not show up at all. Dion is the youngest member of the Party, a young boy in fact. His tuxedo was a special order. One of the workers at After Hours volunteered to drive to his home with the boy's tux and a larger shirt. Derek's shirt was replaced with a proper fitting one. Lo and behold, Dion got a vest and a tie! As it turned out, Derek and Dion happened to arrive at the place when my daughter and Scott the groom were there. Dion's remaining pieces had shown up. Scott was there to get his tux straightened out. Apparently only his shoes were okay when he initially picked up his tux.

As it turned out, there was more required of me. I had watched my movie and had hauled the freight to the basement. That meant I was therefore free. There was an easel and a bag of extra table favors my wife had forgotten that had to delivered to her post haste. Of course, while I was there, I was put to work to help move three tables to a more desired location. After a brief heated discussion, because of a misunderstanding concerning available cash, my wife gave me one last assignment. I had to pick up some food she had ordered from a deli. This food is to be used in our hotel room after the wedding reception is over. Any guests who want, will be invited to room afterwards for a little to munch and drink. As the reception is to end at 9pm, there will be most assuredly some who will be in no hurry to leave.

Well, the die is cast. In roughly 29 hours we will be all dressed up to celebrate my daughter's next step into her future. I'd like to say that as a man, there will be no tears. I am not so stoic, not so devoid of emotions, or so proud to know there will be. Gosh darn it, my eyes are misting as I type these last few lines.

Unless it is in the wee hours, there probably will not be a posting dated Sunday the 9th. It any event, I sincerely believe that the next posting will be reporting about a wonderful Wedding and a good time had by all.



kenju said...

I look forward to that post; have a wonderful time, and cry as much as you want. You're entitled.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Boy, I hope you remembered the....

Well, I guess it's too late now. Too bad, kid. Maybe next time....

schnoodlepooh said...

Happy wedding! Cry a river. It's your right, as the father of the bride who is probably paying for most of the festivities!