Thursday, October 20, 2005

They Say, We Say

  1. I found this interesting word puzzle in the local newspaper the other day. From the given letters add one or more letters to the blanks preceding and following the given letters to create a common English word. (The answers will appear below.)

1. ____USHR_____

2. ____STHM______ (two acceptable words)

3. ____TCHST______


5. _____STHU_______

6. _____TCHPHR______

They Say, We Say.

-(They: Anyone but us. We: Me, myself and I)-

They say: All things are relative. We say: Swell! More mouths to feed!

They say: Love is blind. We say: Only at last call.

They say: Only the good die young. We say: That makes the survivors bad?

They say: We have a government of two parties. We say: How come we weren't invited?

They say: Power corrupts. We say: You saw my electric bill.

They say: That I am driven. We say: If I can afford a tank of gas.

They say: A penny earned is a penny saved. We say: It won't buy a cup of coffee.

(Word Quiz answers: 1) mushroom; 2) isthmus or asthma; 3) matchstick; 4) hiccup; 5) posthumous; 6) catchphrase)



schnoodlepooh said...

A penny isn't squat. Busy busy for me. I'll be back soon.

Windfall Woman said...

Ummm thanks for the mind twister puzzle there.....I'm not telling how I did...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Listen, don't do this again. I come here because I have gone brain dead and you usually don't use a lot of big words, and I don't need you to gloat.

Duke_of_Earle said...


I missed "hiccup! How easy should THAT have been?


Duke_of_Earle said...


I did indeed check out your top 100 songs of 1966. Major irony that you picked that year. That's the year in which most of the action in my novel is set, and the main character is influenced throughout the story by the songs of the 60s that keep running through his head.

In fact, as you can tell from the title CHERISH IS THE WORD, The Association's song "Cherish" (number 2 for the year!) becomse the climax of the tale.

For those reasons alone I think you'd enjoy it, seeing how the various songs influenced the character's moods.

Anyway, in researching for the book I found and printer the top 50 songs for each of the years from 1958-1967. Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Be careful posting copyrighted pics up on your blog. Even though this isn't a sales blog, someone can really make your life miserable. Happened to one of my friends. Just word of caution. Plus, check out what blogger news says about it. Great blog btw!