Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wedding Aftermath

The first photographs of the Wedding have started to trickle in. This one came from my brother-in-law. It is the first photo my wife has had taken with her brother Donald in a long time. His son, Michael next to him at the far left had someone take the picture with his own camera. Don in turn attached it to an e-mail. Of course, that is me and my wife Jeanne framing the newly-weds, Scott and Gretchen.

Excuse my poor cropping job, but here is an enlargement with better detail. Hmm, maybe more detail wasn't such a good idea after all. It's okay for Scott and Gretchen, but I could go for a little less detail. Alas, aging is a part of life.

I have have enjoyed these last two days of vacation. I have gotten a lot rest and didn't get up until 11am on both Monday and Tuesday. I will feel it tomorrow when I have to get up much, much earlier to go return to work.

There were of a couple of duties that did have to be done yet related to the wedding. On Monday there was the matter of returning the tuxedo. On Tuesday, we had to pick my daughter's car at the lot of an airport shuttle service company.

The newly-weds had to be at Logan International Airport in Boston at 5am for their flight to St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands. While we were still asleep, they were airborne. They drove her car to Logan Shuttle Svc., and were taken directly to their terminal. Our assignment was to pick up her car later and to park it in the driveway at their house.

There seems to be no justice in the world, because these last two days have picked up the same pace the last two had. They have simply flown by!

It took me the two days just to chronicle the Wedding itself. It all seems to be a blur now that I have it saved for posterity. There is no way that I would ever be able to remember all the details of that day and evening.

Here is one more picture courtesy of Donald. The bubbling Bride, the proud mother caught in the act of eating her salad, and the proud father forgetting to keep his bald spot away from the prying eyes of the cameras. Donald's son Michael snapped this one from his seat.

As the events leading up to and including the Wedding were chronicled here at my site, I will someday compile all of those postings into one publication through one of those sites that will create leather-bound books for you. I have it in my mind that it would make an excellent First Anniversary gift to Gretchen and Scott. Of course, we will want a copy for ourselves as will the groom's parents.

We will eventually remember only the happy things. The problems and aggravations for the most part will be forgotten. When this book is created, there will be things brought to mind that were pushed deep in the collective memories of us all.



blue said...

Congrats to the new bride and groom, and to you for surviving. Nice looking group you have over there. Funny, same anniversary date, And they flew out of Logan airport. My hometown is Logan LOL!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Great idea, Points. They will think you're the best, and so you will be.

schnoodlepooh said...

Nice photos. I hope you're going to post some more of the wedding.

kenju said...

More photos, please. If you are like my husband and I were at the wedding of our kids, you will remember bits of conversation and recall things over the next 6 months. It is like you are in a fog during the ceremonies and then it all comes back later on.

Windfall Woman said...

Weddings are exhausting...great pics!

schnoodlepooh said...

She does look very happy in the pics - more please.

And you've been tagged. Please visit my site and see what you have to do - it's easy!