Monday, October 31, 2005

What's That, A Head?

They say that house is haunted,
That inside there are ghosts;
Those who entered were taunted
By spectres who acted like hosts.

On a night of goblins and witches,
When you never know for certain
If Frankenstein and all his stitches
Is lurking behind a moving curtain.

Out back there is a spooky swamp
And an ancient creepy graveyard,
Where you can hear the loud chomp
Of viscious jaws biting bones hard.

Trick or Treat should be lots of fun;
Not to discover some open casket,
Not to to be chased by a skeleton,
And not to find a head in a basket.

They say that the house is occupied
By the ghost of some bumpkin,
And losing his head before he died,
Replaced it with a big pumpkin.

They say they who pass thru the door
Must help him to find his lost head,
And they are heard calling in the moor
Like the wailing cries of those dead.

What they say about the house is true,
The man with the head of a pumpkin,
He does very often come into view,
Because you see, I am that bumpkin.

You'd do well if you avoid that dark spot.
Stay away from the swamp and cemetary,
And you'll hold onto that head you've got.
For with my axe, it is only gash and carry!



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Happy Halloween!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"...gash and carry." Wish I'd written that.

You know, I have not seen ONE reference to Ichabod Crane this year.