Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tagged For Weird

Cheri tagged me with a meme! I am required to list 5 weird habits of mine. Now not only did she list her five every day weird habits, she went well beyond the call of duty. She even listed her five weird sexual habits. Cheri, I will not exercise the option to do the same. (Besides no one will find it interesting that I sometimes write dirty words on Nuns' habits when they aren't looking. That is my contribution to weird sexual habits.)

I found this to be a somewhat daunting task. Either I have (a) no weird habits, (b) there are so many that it I couldn't narrow the list to five, or (c) I don't really want to do this. Well, the correct answer is (c), which by default also eliminates (a) because everyone has weird habits whether they realize it or not.

That brings me full circle to accept the fact that I am brimming with weirdness. Does that count as one? I didn't think so. Gosh darn it Cheri, this is hard!

Well, here goes nothing.

  1. I cannot post to my blog from my head. I must first write it out in longhand. Only then, from the written draft can I post anything. The same holds true when I send e-mails.
  2. I defy anything that others consider superstitious. I deliberately walk under ladders, even to the point of crossing the street just to do so. I make fun of others who fear these things on Friday the 13ths.
  3. When I walk I always whistle - usually the themes to "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and "The Magnificent Seven."
  4. When I am in someone's house and find the roll of toilet paper set so that you have to pull from the bottom, I have on occasion turned it over to the correct way - to pull from the top.
  5. I refuse to party or go anywhere on New Years Eve and St. Patricks Day - as those are amateur nights. I have the other 363 nights to choose from.

Well, there you have it. Those are some of my habits, although I don't particularly find them weird. Perhaps others will find them weird. I must admit that touching someone else's toilet paper might not exhibit proper ettiquette, but it bothers me when they have it upside down. I'm sure this might raise some ire out there, but what can I say?



jules said...

Oh I SO do the toilet paper thing at other people's house too. After a while they quit inviting you back...or quit putting out toilet paper. :(

kenju said...

I have changed the toilet paper rolls in my children's houses, but not in anyone else's home....lol.

Thanks for the ideas about the match books. If I ever get around to making a display box for them, I will surely do that!

Ivy the Goober said...

Oh you're more strange than I thought ;)

Just kidding. Of course you're exactly as strange as I thought.

aka_monty said...

STay out of my bathroom. I like the toilet paper how it is.

Which is however my 10 year old daughter manages to get it on the roller. ;)

You're weird. That's why I like you. :)

Cheri said...

I knew I could count on you for some great weird habits!! I have to tell you, love your theory on New Years Eve (I'm in agreement) and as for the toilet paper roll..today I was laughing as I put the roll on (the correct way in your honor)! So how does it feel that everyone who reads your blog will now always think of you as they are doing their private thing in the bathroom? lol