Sunday, January 08, 2006

All Towers Will be Violated

On a recent syndicated rerun of The Family Feud the survey question was: "Other than purchasing one, what are the top five ways for you to get a car?"
....The following are the correct answers. (Can you guess number one?)

1) __________ (29)
2) Lease.......... (27)
3) Rent ............(18)
4) Borrow .......(13)
5) Win............. ( 9 )

Survey said! Steal it.

I don't know about you, but it got me thinking about about the 100 people used to conduct their survey. Did they have a weapons check at the door?
What about the other four people, what did they say that didn't make the top five? Inherit it? Have it given to you? Use the parents' car? Would carjack be the same as steal?

What if I were to conduct my own survey to come with some questions for The Family Feud ?

With all the new gadgets coming out, what gadget would you like to see?

To one innocent looking thug standing on a street corner at 3 AM: A pistol with a built in camera phone.

To a director of Human Resources for a large corporation :
A machine that would tell me if they are lying on their resumes.

To an airline pilot:
Less complicated dials and guages for us to monitor.

On the lighter side, in a survey of what computer geeks wanted, the number one answer was:

Ouch! That was so bad! Maybe I should delete it? Nah! If I had to suffer uploading it, you can look at it too.

Now if I were surveyed about needed technology, I think I would want better batteries that would last forever.

I also think we could use some technology to enable our modems to be safe from viruses rather than depend on virus scans:

Why even beggars on the street are looking for advances in technology:

What questions would you ask about advancements in technology?

And your survey said ...?



Ashilipu said...

Really funny.

Peter said...

Love the viris filter Mike.

schnoodlepooh said...

I like the virus filter too. I want one for my computer.

Webmiztris said...

steal it! lol tsk, tsk, tsk....BAD surveyees.... :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My survey question is this:

If you moon somebody from the moon in September, is that a Harvest Moon?

(Great cartoons, Pointer.)

WW said...

Are you related to Gary Larsen of Far Side fame?

Cheri said...

Love, love the virus pix!!