Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Double-0 Dubya

On his Imaginations Secret Service

00W is back. He's back with all the action. He's back with all the gadgets. He's back at all the exotic locations. He's back with evil villians. He's back with all the women. (Will you settle for Laura and Condi?)

00W is back with a vengence. He's going to kick ass and take names. He's going to make the world a safer place! He is ... On His Imaginations Secret Service.

You are familiar with the previous feature films. You remember the villians. You remember the seat-of-your-pants thrills. You remember the threats to our welfare.

First, there was No Dr.s about the confusion and threat to our seniors about their
prescription medicines.

In Katrina Royale he is the blowhard after the blow of a hurricane. He shows his skills at dealing from the bottom of the deck.

That was followed up by The Man With the Missing WMD. So, where are the freaking things?

Who can forget the drama of his rise to power as president in Muckraker ?

Who can forget the intrigue surrounding the brutality of his Vice president as shown in License To Shoot ?

There was the action packed Blunder All and the search for the weapons of mass destruction.

He shows his mettle and brave ability to hide in an airplane on 9/11 in From Osama With Hate.

His ability to fool the public is revealed in Old Lingerer when he is re-elected.

Dubya's command of he English language is show cased when he discusses nookie-year bombs in The Word Is Not Enough.

For Your Oil Only has shown his resolve to maintain the flow of oil into Mobil-Exxon's refineries.

The influence of George Sr. is evident in OctoWussy.

A View To Shill tells of the corruption of Halliburton and Cheney's involvement.

Eventually 00W faces his destiny when he must leave office in You Only Serve Twice which will be the last of the series, scheduled for a 2008 release.

Coming soon there will be a boxed CD collectors set of all 21 of the 00W classic films. Also included will be Live and Let Lie, Lie Another Day, Tomorrow Ever Lies, Golden Lie, The SpyWho Lied To Me, Lies Are Forever, and the film that asks what will be scared out of you if brother Jeb makes a run at he White House - The Living Daylights.

It seems sometimes that things happen in threes. Last night we lost a third actor to death. This is just a brief thought of recognition to say that they will be missed. Rest in peace: Don Knotts, Darren McGaven, and Dennis Weaver. God bless you, Barney Fife, Carl Kolshak, and Chester Goode.



Nicole said...

Darren McGaven? I didn't know he had passed on also! So many of late and yes it does seem to always come in 3's doesn't it?

This post is just priceless! "for your oil only"!..he he..I love that song "For your eyes only" by Shenna Easton. Do you remember that one? You are are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh the whole time I read this. Not really funny though..we gotta get GWB out of the White house, before someone holds him hostage because they can't take it anymore! Oops! better be careful what I say, someone might be spying reading this and checking up on me!..ooohh..:(..scary..

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog. I'm doing much better but didn't know concussions took this long to recoup! I never had one before!

Thanks again,

With Angel Blessings,


OldHorsetailSnake said...

"...it makes sense to use nukyular power. It's renewable and it's clean."

Renewable? Meaning by burning uranium we make more uranium?

Clean? Like in Chernobyl?

Nice bit of writing, kid.

Karen said...

Can't believe half the people in this country are as stoopid as chimpy mcflightsuit... they should all be shipped to eye-rack!

Canadian Dude said...

Well done.

Carolyn said...

This was pretty funny! They should get that actor that looks like Bush and actually make these movies, lol!