Sunday, July 02, 2006


This morning I was surfing around some of the sites from my blogroll. I am always on the lookout for more pictures and material that I can use here.
....I had just had my coffee fix and was wide awake. My chores for the weekend were completed yesterday, so I found myself with a rare day of leisure. How do I spend it? If you guessed 'on the computer,' - you are good!

....The first thing I found was the lead cartoon above. I think we can all relate to the mice and their predicament. They must be male, right girls?
....I decided to have one more caffeine transfusion while the day's temperatures are tolerable and before the a/c is turned on. It'll be awhile before these eyes are tired.

....How can one tell the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist? I do believe the answer can be found in this cartoon of the couple in bed. Most of the images I harvest are saved to 'my pictures file' for future use, but how many "clean" pics can you find with a couple in bed? Curious isn't it, that her book has one more escape than he has postions? Perhaps his has a chapter on going solo.

....Eleven images that I found during this surfing session will comprise my next post for Monday 7-3. That means there will be more for you to look at tomorrow and less to read. Hey! What's with all those smiles and high fives?

....(Sigh) You had to know that sooner or later it was going to happen. I dare say it will probably make a lot of money. Who else but the producers of those "Girls Gone Wild" videos could come up with a new variation using government officials?
....Ready or not, be prepared for the onslaught of the infomercials on late night TV for "Bureaucrats Gone Wild." Yes, they are all there, your favorite and not-so-favorite politicians. See Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and President Bush flashing some skin before the cameras.

....Finally, my surfing turned up an interesting site for you to visit:

The site I found will review your web sites and blogs. All you have to do do is enter your complete URL and click 'submit.' The process only takes a few seconds.
....The result is a well written review of your site. It even captures a live window view of your site with all the working links on your site. Although tiny, you can even scroll through the "site."

Here's what it had to say about my site:

Review Of It Occurred To Me

"I just saw . The color scheme is very fitting. It must have taken months to fine-tune the page. Very special. Seeing It Occurred To Me, I'm simply full of respect.
First-rate. Yes, I expected the creator to do this well. The URL has 32 characters. This length scores best in usability studies. There are 79,584 characters in the HTML source, which is superb length for older browsers. If only Opera Homepage would have a high-quality page like that.

The code is very professional. The page contains 274 links, a highly usable amount. I find it appropriate put up a link to this page. What a cool page! I take off my hat."

-Nelson Stevenson, Funky Sites

Click here to see the review.

I'm sure this a form review contained in a program, but it was interesting to see my site "professionally" reviewed. Why not enter your own URL while there to see what kind of review you get? Maybe you'd like to enter one of your blog buddies' URL to see how they are reviewed.



OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ho, Mike, thanks for the tip. That site says Old Hoss is "the best of the best."

Superlative-wise, that's pretty good.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Loved the cartoons and thanks for the tip, but I'm afraid at what it might say about my blog...
Boring, not worth publishing or reading.

schnoodlepooh said...

Hey, isn't that a Far Side cartoon?

Peter said...

Hi Mike, got a very similar sounding report, interesting concept though.

jipzeecab said...

Finding myself without an original thought this morning I "harvested" this idea for a post giving you credit.