Friday, August 11, 2006

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Don't you just hate being in the middle of a chilling story and it's interrupted by a commercial break?

This is not an intentional break! I cannot necessarily blame Bill Gates or his empirical products. I suspect, more likely, that the guilty party is Blogger.

My tale of woe is not a new one, as I have seen posts and comments on the same subject from others. It is the first time for me that an entire post just vanished somewhere into the Blogosphere.

Those of you, all three of you so far, who have been following my short story "Till Death Do Us Unite," will be expecting the third installment today. Well, due to technical problems beyond my control....

Being on vacation this week, I had prepared several posts in draft status over the past weekend. (This was not one of them.)
....The short story was in the form of notes and an outline. Unlike my usual method of writing out in long hand most of my posts, I was publishing this story on the fly. I was pleased that the story was flowing so smoothly. If I may, I'll use the analogy that it was like smooth creamy peanut buttter. For part three, however, I must have grabbed a jar of Super Chunky peanut butter! To make matters worse, the bread was stale!

I clicked on the "Publish" button and sent the third installment on its way. The only question is, 'Which way did it go?" In desperation I clicked on "Recover Post"- to no avail. The page refresh was no help. Back paging to the point before I published was also fruitless.

So, I have no recourse but to rewrite it. (Sigh!) I figured it wasn't a total loss. After all I had some drafts ready to go. It seems to me I can remember being warned by my Grandmother to avoid drafts because you could catch a cold.

Apoplexy, maybe! All three of my drafts were gone! Purloined into cyber space! Absconded into the black hole of the Internet! They were there on the list last night, and have been since last Sunday!

(The Twilight Zone theme permeates the scene.) Could it be that the same force calling on Jim Cash, the main character in my story, has invaded my computer? What is it and what's it want with my blogs?

On a lighter note, a few short jokes for you:

1) Two terrorists were chatting. One pulled out his wallet and flipped through the photographs. "This is my oldest," he said proudly. "He is a martyr. And this is my second oldest. He too is a martyr."
...."Ah," the second terrorist said, "They blow up so fast."

2) Two bulls were standing on top a hill above a herd of cattle. The old bull turned to the young bull and said, "It's really cold out today. I think I'll go down and slip into a nice warm Jersey."

3) "I think my wife is unfaithful," a man said to his friend. "I asked where she was last night, and she said she spent the night with her sister."
...."Why do think she's unfaithful?" asked the friend.
...."The first man replied, "I spent the night with her sister."

4) A guy asked his friend Steve, a notorious ladies' man, how he satisfies women.
...."I just slam my penis on the dresser until it's numb; then I can go for hours," bragged Steve.
....That night the guy slammed his penis on the bedroom dresser while his wife was in the bathroom.
...."Steve," she called out, "is that you?"



Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I liked your jokes especially the first one.

You're extremely lucky that only your drafts disappeared into blogsphere...One day my SIL emailed me and said my whole blog was gone and when I checked, she was right...the whole thing disappeared into who knows where. It stayed gone for awhile, but I was one of the lucky ones because I was able to retrieve it back, with a little help from the blog team (whoever they are).

As soon as I leave here I'm going to read your story...I have some time to blog tonight, so I'm taking advantage of it.

BTW my comments have been mysteriously disappearing...hope you get it.

Peter said...

I'll give you a credit for that first joke when I use it in an upcoming post Mike.