Monday, September 04, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Blog Drunk

One fine day in Jurassic Park

Because it was deemed too intense for small children, this scene was cut from the movie.
The cheers from the parents may have caused psychological damage.

Kids never learn!

Gepetto, certain that his son had learned a valuable lesson about about the virtues of telling the truth, rewarded him with a computer for his birthday.
The boy's grades at school improved.
Pinnochio was doing so good until he discovered girls, My Space and chat rooms.

Choosing your friends...

Be mindful of the circles in which you travel. Always remember that the people with whom you associate may be a reflection of your good judgement and true character.
Never choose friends or staff personnel who are as arrogant, as insensitive and as stupid as you.
Even if you are President Bush, you will only be remembered as an idiot.

You can be replaced.

There is no such thing as security. Nothing in life is guaranteed. All you can do on the job, is to do the best you can. If you were irreplaceable, you would be the President of your company. Taking pride in your work and striving for success will make you a better person. Happiness at work will be reflected at home, and vice versa.
If you are satisfied, your significant other will be satisfied also.

Social life etiquette

The bar scene and the rules of dating have changed significantly over the years. You should make sure you know what behavior is and isn't acceptable.
You no longer pump the girls with drinks to lower their inhibitions. They just might be turning the tables and buying the drinks to get you in a weakened state.

These days women know what they want and go for it. Remember men, when a woman says no, she means no! But if she says yes, you had better not say no!

Technology in the home

In the modern world, yesterday's technology is obsolete today. You buy one model of a computer or cell phone today, and by tomorrow the next model is on the shelves.
Because these technologies permeate even your home life, you need to stay abreast of all the advancements.
It's a high-tech world and our lives revolve around these electronic gadgets. It's come to the point that we cannot live without them.
You'd better check your text messages and e-mails before you make any special plans or get any (ahem) ideas!



Jack K. said...

Great cartoons. Loved the bar scene.

The one about the laptops in bed did hit a little close to home. lol

We have stopped short of instant messaging from one room to another.

Peter said...

Hi Mike, good post on a sad day for the world and the envioroment Steve will be missed.

Re Merle's site, ( a major disaster that hopefully we will be able to fix?) go to Merle's NEW SITE on my sidebar and bookmark/favorites it from there.

Hale McKay said...

Some of these pics have been disappearing, at least from my screen.

If you see a white space and the red X - click on the space to view the picture.

This is out of my control. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Bah! I'm appologizing for Beta Blogger.)

LZ Blogger said...

I loved the "Technology at Home" one... (Not that I could relate you understand?) ~ jb///

jipzeecab said...

Everytime I try to drink and blog the "best post I've ever written" winds up in some cyberspace blackhole.