Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Don't Ya Just Love It ?

(For those expecting to find part 3 of the satire, Bush and the Beanstalk, I had to work late tonight and couldn't write that segment. Do not despair, it will appear here soon.)

I had one of those days that practically everthing that annoys me, annoyed me all day long. One thing that really annoys me is feeling I have the need to mention those annoying things!

In this era of computers populated by so many computer nerds, I do believe the girl in the cartoon at the right has a good case to be annoyed.

Don't Ya Just Love It Hate It ...

The failure to get back to sleep so you can finish a great dream.

That people were watching you trying to push open a door that reads pull.

Road construction workers who get paid with your tax dollars to hold a STOP sign.

On-line pop-up ads offering to help you get rid of on-line pop-up ads.

The sudden frenzy that occurs the instant a cashier calls out, "This register is now open!"

People have no idea just how loudly they talk.

White guys with a Snoop Dog cell phone ring.

An acidic vomit burp.

It is 10:27 A.M. and you are already thinking about where you're going to have lunch.

Brochures slipped under your windshield wiper that look like parking tickets from across the lot.

Having an acute burning anal itch in public.

Being reminded of smelly feet when you walk by the cheese section in a store.

Trying not to think about what you were thinking about.

Getting 75 cents in change from a purchase and none of it is in quarters.

The white thread that a vacuum cleaner won't pick up no matter how many times you run over it.

Paying 3 bucks for a cup of soda that's 70% ice.

When they put a scoop of ice cream on top of your cone, but none in it!

A New Word

Regeorgitation - It happens every time you switch channels and every station is replaying President Bush's press conference which was given yesterday and preempted your favorite program.



Anonymous said...

Good stuff. How about going into a pay toilet and the paper roll is empty.,

Blue said...

Have you ever taken off all your clothes and went rolling through a pile of thumbtacks in a puddle of lemon juice? I HATE when that happens...
Great post Mike, keep it up!

Thoughts said...

just had to comment on the new header, too kewl...


aka_Monty said...

Ooh yeah, I love the new header! Very awesome.

That cartoon reminded me a little of a guy I used to know...only with the TV. :) hehehe