Monday, July 09, 2007

Ce-Rebus-ly Yours


My eyes are killing me!

It's a combination of allergies and a sinus condition, and they've been acting up big time since this weekend.

I don't suppose my recent obsession of fooling around with HTML style codes has in any way contributed to my discomfort?

I have been playing around with "style" codes, in particular trying out columns in the last two posts.
....I have seen blogs that have images and text seemingly mixed freely and I wondered how they did it. Well now I know, and I know why I don't see it done in more Blogs. It's a lot of bloody work!
....However, using two columns like in this passage, isn't too bad. The code only has to be applied twice.
....I liked the looked of the columns in my "Sniglets" post, but the style codes had to entered for each and every item! That was 26 separate codes for each word and another 26 for the definitions!

....The rebus above uses four, three and two columns for each respective line.
....Were you able to read my rebus puzzle above? Okay, a couple of the images probably gave convoluted clues. It says:

Balls! I cannot seem to handle reading.

I guess the "seam" of the stockings might have been a reach, but I couldn't find a decent picture of a seam that would make one think "seam."

As for the cat ... reading, I figured that one could be figured out easily enough. I thought it was purrfectly ideal.
Didn't you?

At this time, this dummy would like to thank "HTML For Dummies" for the eight combined hours the previous two posts purloined away from my weekend of R & R.



Miss Cellania said...

I saw "pool I can hose to." The other pictures are shoved behind stuff.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Keep this up, kid, and pretty soon you can write the sequel, which will actually explain things, unlike the "Dummie" books.

Hale McKay said...

Ah yes, Miss C. Some browsers cannot read columns according to the book. It works best with IE.

jules said...

Ah...I was using firefox and it was shoved behind stuff as well. I got, Balls, I can not seem to get pussy.

aka_Monty said...

LOL @ Miss Cellania!!

See, I thought it was three separate things, and none of them were making any sense. :D