Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Candidates' Hit Parade

I'm Hale McKay, and I approve this Blog.

Did Hillary Clinton ever settle on a campaign song? Based on her recent appearance in the latest of the Gone Wild DVDs, might I suggest "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"? It seems to be a better fit than "Stand By Your Man."

What about the other candidates? Do they have campaign songs? If not, I think I can come up with some possible songs befitting their character and political influence.

Do you remember the response by John McCain to the kid who asked him 'if he was too old to run for President?' McCain replied, "Thanks, you little jerk." That gave me the idea for the perfect song for him: "Teach Your Children."

Then again, I recall that he sang Barbara Streisand songs during a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, like "People."

I think I have the only song that Candidate Kucinich should use, "Mr. Spaceman." However, in honor of his close encounter with ET, he might prefer the Neal Diamond song "Heartlight."

Since Mike Huckabee is Baptist minister, I was leaning to "Shall We Gather At The River?" Maybe, in light of Chuck Norris actively supporting him, "Kung Fu Fighting" would be more appropriate.

Barack Obama gets an original song, "Sweet Homey, Obama," sung to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama." The chorus goes like this:
Sweet homey, Obama; Just coz Oprah likes you; Sweet homey, Obama; Don't mean we are going to like you.
For John Edwards, isn't "Hair" a natural fit?

Only one candidate has his own campaign blimp! Ron Paul has just gotta love my choice of "Up, Up And Away."

I can almost hear the lyrics: "Wouldn't you like to ride in my beautiful blimp?"

Finally, what Calvacade of Political Stars would be complete without at least one candidate in drag? How about one who also danced with the famed Rockettes?

One song came to mind for the campaign of Rudolph Giuliani. His song has to be none other than "Lola."

I'm left with Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson without songs. For them and the rest of the unnamed candidates, why not go with "Send In The Clowns?"



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Mushy said...

Good me humming several songs this morning!