Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mike's Madcap Movie Mergers

Sometimes I have two movie rentals to watch, but I only have time to watch one of them. I want to see them both. I only have two hours to view them and then return them to the video store before it closes and thus incur a late fee.

I think that what is needed is a way to combine the two movies into one! (Of course, the video store would probably charge for two rentals.)

There are two ways this could be done so that you would know what two films have been merged into one. One way would be:

Movie Run-In Titles

-1) Gone With The Wind in the Willows
-2) Lilies of the Valley of the Gwangi
-3) Around the World in Eighty Days of Wine and Roses
-4) The Picture of Dorian Gray Lady Down
-5) The Longest Day of the Triffids
-6) Three Coins in the Fountain Head
-7) Ocean's Thirteen Ghosts
-8) Meet Joe Black Hawk Down
-9) I Am Legend of Bagger Vance
10) Map of the World According to Garp
11) Raging Bull Durham
12) A View To Kill a Mockingbird
13) Waking the Dead Presidents
14) The Pope of Greenwich Village of the Damned
15) Pelican Brief Encounter
16) Permanent Midnight of the Iguana
17) Message in a Bottle Rocket
18) Harriet the Spy Who Loved Me
19) Home at the End of the World of Susie Wong
20) Felicia's Journey to the Center of the Earth
21) The Eyes of Laura Mars Attacks
22) What's Eating Gilbert Grapes of Wrath
23) Logan's Runaway Jury
24) Tea House of the August Moon Raker
25) Mutiny on the Bounty Hunter

Another way would be to use:

Movie Title Insertions

1) The Breakfast Club At Tiffanys
2) Cheaper By the Dirty Dozen
3) Third Man on the Brokeback Mountain

Remembering that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," I think a modern day woman would find another way to seek revenge if they remade
Attack of the 50-Ft Woman :



Jack K. said...

Hey, man, you gotta switch to Netflix. They are really good about sending out the DVD's.

We just joined and since they have a distribution center in our area, we get another one within a couple of days. We selected the one-at-a-time plan for about $9. We have been watching about two movies per week. We were lucky to go to two movies a year prior to Netflix.

Should you decide to enroll, let me know. They have a routine wherein friends can recommend films.

Now for a more serious comment, your run-in titles are hilarious. But, how could I expect less? lol

Hale McKay said...

Actually Jack, I no longer rent movies from video stores. Our cable company has "On Demand." The same day a movie is available at video stores, it is available to watch on TV for a fee close to the same amount of money. I can record using their DVR to watch right away or to wait and watch it in the next 30 days as many time as I want.

A few weeks later the movies are available to watch for free.

Jack K. said...

Cool. We decided not to take that option from our cable provider. As I remember, the cost was higher than we were willing to pay.

I may have to delve into it further.