Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spaced Out - Far Out!

Where am I? What time is it? What DAY is it?

I awoke in a foggy daze. I glanced at my wrist watch - it was eight o'clock. I struggled to an upright position and allowed the blood in my body to flow evenly.

Gingerly, I arose and shuffled my feet forward despite the resistance being offered by the rest of my body. Disheveled and disoriented I was driven to answer to a primal call of the wild.
Asylum - A place of refuge where one can seek sanctity from those who might otherwise give one a lot of shit.
There is one such place to which I can migrate. In that place I am afforded moments of solitude where I can allow thoughts to begin to flow like that of the blood in my veins. There was a tickling sensation within my brain as the cobwebs of confusion began to fall away.

This imagined autocrat, upon a throne of cool porcelain was beginning to gain his senses. Geographical awareness manifested itself in the form of an internal GPS device that had led me to this Mecca.

I remembered espying my wife sitting before her laptop during my dreamlike sojourn to the place where I had taken sanctuary. Ah, she was making notes and checking her agenda for her work schedule for the day. All was right with the world.

An epiphany can sometimes seep into one's thoughts like a clairvoyant moment of awareness. At other times it can strike with the force of a heftily wielded sledgehammer! It was the latter that shook loose the few remaining cobwebs.

Wait a minute! Maybe the world wasn't so right after all! My wife always leaves the house for work at 6:45. It was ten minutes past eight. The dazed fogginess was giving away to a sense of clarity. She was still in her pajamas?

Gears were turning and the hands of my mental clock were moving slowly backwards. Heretofore I cannot recall having ever experienced two epiphanies in such a short passage of time.

I had arrived back home at 3:45 after an abbreviated day of work due to my doctor-ordered light schedule for the week. I had prepared and eaten a small bowl of chili and had then retired to my recliner in the living room. Another of my doctor's orders was to maintain the habit of keeping my leg elevated as much as possible over the coming weeks.

It was becoming all too clear. Now that my head and its contents were functioning properly, I was finally able to answer the last question of the three that opened this post. It was today. It was Thursday evening and NOT Friday morning. A little more than four hours had passed since I had settled into my recliner.

I had inexplicably dozed off. While my body had apparently needed and wanted the sleep, taking naps is not something I am normally wont to do. Quite simply, I am not and have never been a napper.

After a couple of cups of ambition had worked their "caffeinated" magic, I sat down in front of the computer armed with something to post for today. It might not be one of my most insightful postings, but I'm sure its theme echoes the experiences of many others out there in the Blogosphere.

At least I can take consolation in the fact that I did not wake up in a strange house staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Those aforementioned three leading questions would have have taken on quite an entirely different meaning had I awoken next to a strange and naked member of the fairer sex.

As it was, there was a warm body next to me. Smokey, our cat had taken up residence in the small space between my waist and the arm of the recliner. ( Do cats ever wake up and ponder those same three questions? )



Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...been in that "what time is it? Screw that, what DAY is it?" zone before. Tend to enjoy it, once I realize I've awakened to a day off, rather than an off day.

As for what cats are thinking...I'm not sure I wanna know...

Hale McKay said...


I guess so. Still, it is just that it's such a weird feeling of confusion.

It might happen again after this weekend - when we turn the clocks ahead an hour. Never know what effect that purloined chunk of time is going to have on one.