Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Times - They's A-Changin'

Not even silent film star Harold Lloyd from the film "Safety Last" can keep the hands of the clock from moving ahead one hour Sunday morning.

We're losing an hour of precious sleep this weekend. It will take most of us the entire week to get our own internal clocks acclimated to the change. Funny, but the autumnal changing of the clocks has little effect on me. Ah yes, when we "fall back" we gain an hour.

Shortly I'll be setting out on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Before I turn in, I'll be looking for clocks, watches, the VCR, microwave oven, etc., to reset one hour ahead. Hell, I think I'll even turn the bathroom scale ahead an ounce, just for good measure!

Can somebody please tell me why in he hell they make analog clocks without numbers on the face? Maybe a better question would be, what possessed me to purchase a clock without numbers on its face in the first place?
Does anybody know what time it is...Does anyone really care... Sing it Chicago.
Daylight Savings Time is designed to give us the most possible daylight in a 24-hour period. Supposedly it saves energy by cutting down on oil consumption. Yet, studies show that we use our private vehicles more during periods of extended daylight. Is it any wonder that the auto industry positively embraces DST?

Supporters of Daylight Savings time claim that crime rates are down, there are fewer traffic accidents and there is an increase in economic activity. Okay, if crime is down, we will feel safer venturing out and thus will be involved in fewer fender benders. If we are going out more, we will be spending more of our hard-earned cash.

Let me analyze their claims. If I'm using my vehicle more, just on what might I be spending a good portion of my money? Duh! Gasoline, of course - an oil product!

If you ask me, they'd better start calling these time changs ... Daylight Spending Time. Not convinced? Just ask the barbecue manufacturers. Ask lawn mower makers. Unless I'm mistaken, barbecues run on propane and lawn mowers run on gasoline. Yes, we sure do cut back on our consumption of oil when we have more daylight, don't we?

Ironic isn't it? Here I am about to go to bed an hour later than I usually choose to retire ... Wait a minute! I haven't changed my wrist watch yet. Here I am about to go bed two hours later ...!

Man! That last hour sure flew by!



Skunkfeathers said...

Speaking as a long time insomniac (from years of rotating shift work), this hour change is immaterial to me; my clocks all moan and roll their digital LEDs at me when I say that, but all that changes here is them ;)

Hale McKay said...


I used to work as an overnight security guard at the Shriners Burn Institute in Boston. It took a lot of getting used to at first to stay awake (most of the time) all night and then come home and go to bed.

I only worked that job for about a year- but it sure played havoc with the old internal clock!

Nankin said...

5:00 Am comes early enough without someone dicking around with the time.

Hale McKay said...

It sure does, Nankin -

-Especially when you consider that that it does mor good for big business than it does the average American.