Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pied Piper of Pennsylvania Ave

He may not have actually said it, but every time Obama opens his mouth I hear:

"Allow me to amend my previously amended statement."

(So that he can amend it again?)

I admit that I'm impressed with his skills of oratory, but lately I've noticed the rhetoric start to seep through the cracks in his speeches. He can talk the talk, but sooner or later he has to walk the walk.

Already I am seeing news programs assessing the first barometer that grades our Presidents - their first 100 days! Excuse me while I remove my shoes to do a little calculation, but it seems to me that he has another 60 days or so to go. How can I be expected to give the man a chance to either succeed or fail, when the press doesn't see fit to afford him that time schedule?

At this point in time I am not willing to use the word "Mister" as an antecedent to the title "President." I'm hard pressed as it is to use those two words in the same sentence. Also I have taken the liberty to no longer use the name "Barack," henceforth I will refer to our President by the name that appears on his birth certificate - Barry.

You know, when we perform a good deed it's good to be rewarded, at least with a pat on the back. Then why is it that there's a chance that we're going to be penalized instead?

Great strides and sacrifices have been made to conserve energy. More efficient engines are being fitted into newer automobiles, (Most trucks, buses and trains remain exempt. If this makes sense to anyone out there, please enlighten me.) and more stringent emission controls have been put in place.

There are hybrid vehicles, electric cars, and hydrogen cars, etc., being produced. The attempt to exploit corn to produce ethanol has proven to be one of the biggest jokes to be perpetrated on us in a long time. It's 3 times more expensive to produce one gallon of ethanol than it is to refine gas from oil. If that wasn't enough of a folly, the corn was being diverted from the grocery store shelves, which in turn increased the price of all products using and containing corn.

Imagine that - It would cost more for the ethanol fuel which would allow us to drive to the store to pay more for our Corn Flakes!

Ah yes, those aforementioned rewards vs penalties:

As our vehicles become more and more fuel efficient, the idea is that we'll be able to travel farther on less fuel. There it is my friend, the rub - the dilemma!

If we were buying less gasoline, doesn't it follow that we would also be paying less tax on the gasoline? You bet your sweet bippie! Not to worry, peasants citizens! Several states, Oregon the latest to jump on board, have addressed that problem already. Their solution? It's really quite obvious; you tax the higher number!

You want to spend less for gas and be able to go further on a gallon? How dare you interrupt the flow of cash into their coffers! They'll straighten you out in a flash - they'll tax your mileage instead! That's your reward for being a good soldier and being energy efficient. Ironically it's your penalty too.

Meanwhile back in Washington, the Pied Piper of Pennsylvania Ave., a.k.a., Barry, is going to learn, if he hasn't already about taxation of the mileage instead of the gas itself!

Pen in left hand and a bill in front of him, he signs it into law. Since he enacted it first, it is naturally his idea. He has finally came through with one of the "changes" he had promised us.

We will see more change as time goes on - more change and less folding money in our pockets. Hey, he promised change!

The previous paragraphs are sardonic I know. This post serves as a preview and if on the 100th day things remain the same as they are now he will not have earned enough respect to be called "mister." We're watching, Barry! Just call me the eternal "skeptical pessimist."

(For the record, I took the same stance when the former President took over. He never did earn the right to be called "mister." The best he ever got was "Dubya.")



Skunkfeathers said...

Sorry...the Left didn't give Bush 100 days before the great pile-on began, and Barry hasn't shown me that his vision and his actions justify a 100 day "honeymoon", either. I, simply, am not impressed with socialism.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Excellent assessment and Skunkfeathers nailed it as well.

I'm glad I didn't vote for Barry.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hale McKay said...


That's true - they started Bush-bashin' from the get go. (Deservedly so.)

They seem to be taking easy on Barry for obvious reasons.

Hale McKay said...


I think we'll find as time goes on, there will be more and more people who "did'nt" vote for him.