Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Eddie: Private Eye

Crazy Eddie Ready is an astute crime solver, often taking on and solving crimes that have baffled the world's greatest crime investigators.

Having an IQ barely equal to that of a sixth-grader, Eddie is unable to perform the simplest of tasks such as tying his own shoes, but yet has an innate ability to think outside the box.

So it was that by thinking laterally Eddie was able to solve the following cases.

You, no doubt, can probably tie your own shoes, but can you match wits with Eddie? Can you come up with the solutions?

(The answers will appear in the comments section.)

A Deadly Melody

A woman hears a tune which she recognized. She promptly pulled out a gun and shot and killed a total stranger. She was not arrested or charged with murder. WHY?

Murder in the News

An old man read a report in his morning newspaper about a wealthy woman who died of old age.

"She was murdered!" he gasped.

He then carried on reading the rest of the newspaper. How did he know that it was murder? Why did he do nothing about it?

The Perfect Murder

A man carefully plotted the murder of his wife. One winter's day he strangled her in the bedroom. He ransacked the house, scattered possessions and broke through the patio doors. He set the burglar alarm downstairs before driving to the local golf course to establish his alibi.

Two hours later, when he was in the middle of his golf game with three colleagues, the burglar alarm went off and the police were alerted. They found the house apparently broken into and the wife strangled.

No animals or electrical devices were found which could have set the alarm off, so it looked as though an intruder had set off the alarm before killing the poor woman.

The man was never arrested or charged. The police inspector long suspected the man, but there was no evidence to tie him to the crime or to place him him at the scene.

The inspector was perplexed by one question which he could not fathom: How did the suspect get the burglar alarm to go off so conveniently?

Crazy Eddie was able to work it out. Can you?



Hale McKay said...

The ANSWERSA Deadly MelodyThe woman was alone and asleep in her house in the middle of the night when she was awakened by the sound of her musical jewel box. She knew that a burglar was in her bedroom. She reached under her pillow, pulled out a gun, and shot him.

Murder in the NewsThe old man was a priest and he was sitting alone when he read the newspaper. Earlier that day a man had confessed to him that he had murdered his aunt for her money. The priest realized that the woman in the newspaper was the murder victim. The seal of the confessional meant that he could not report the crime to the police.

The Perfect MurderThe man placed a tray on the edge of the kitchen table. he put some pans on one side of the tray and ice cubes on the other side. When eventually the ice melted, the weight of the pans caused the tray to fall off the table. The pans bounced on the floor and the alarm was activated. To the police, the tray, pans and water (from the melted ice) looked to be a part of the general disturbance in the kitchen.

Sandee said...

That was fun. Eddie is indeed pretty smart even if he can't tie his shoes.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hale McKay said...


I'm glad you enjoyed these. It was fun for me too picking those three "cases" to put in the post.

Turner said...

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