Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hyper Bowl Hyperbole

So Wednesday night I was watching a special on the all-time best Super Bowl ads ... when several times it was interrupted by ... commercials! Good grief!

I was thinking ... isn't this overkill? It seemed almost sacrilegious.

The Super Bowl is the most watched televised sporting event in the world. Isn't it interesting that the next day after the game, there is more talk about the advertisements that aired that the game itself?

There will be three ads featuring people in their underwear. We can only hope this won't set a precedent. The image (right) is from a commercial by with a "casual Friday" at the office theme.

I predict that when the topic of SB XLIV ads comes up at the water cooler, that commercial will be among the first to be discussed. Then there will be the token overweight guy with the ponch overhanging his belt who will look at the shapely bosomed office siren and say, "We should do that in this office on Fridays."

The image of that guy ogling her and she being repulsed by the thought of him in his briefs is leaving an indelible image in my brain.

We would hope that on such an occasion, everyone would remember to wear clean drawers. I suppose there would still be those who show up with stains and tread marks.

This does give rise to the idea that Homeland Security should consider implementing a similar practice for passengers on incoming international flights to the U.S. Of course, it would have to be put into effect for all flights, not just those on Fridays.

In flight movies would no longer be needed. After all the passengers' need for entertainment would be found no farther than the passengers sitting near them. Then again calling it entertainment might be a stretch. There would be no guarantee that the ladies will be seated next to a well sculpted Adonis anymore that the men will be next to a beautiful woman.

This would pose serious problems for those terrorists with bombs hidden in their underwear.

Stewardess: Pardon me, sir. Is that a bomb you have in your underwear, or are you just glad to see me?"

Two elderly members of the Taliban meet in the desert one day.

"Abdul, how are you?" greets the first one.

"I am well," replies the second man.

They talk for a while about each other's wealth and wives until the subject of children comes up.

"How is your son? I haven't seen him around lately," says the first.

"He has passed on in glory. He blew up an enemy embassy," he answered pulling a photograph from his pocket.

The other looked at the picture, shook his head and lamented, "They sure blow up fast these days, don't they?"



Sandee said...

Not fast enough if you ask me. Put them all together in a dessert and hit the button. Okay off my soap box.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hale McKay said...


...But feelings shared by a lot of people.