Saturday, February 06, 2010

Political Soap Operas

As Obama's Cookie

This week's episode: Aunt-icipation

The first paragraph of a Friday, Feb. 5, 2010 Boston Herald story by Laurel J. Sweet:
"From the designer sunglasses to the security entourage in gray suits and ear-pieces, it was evident yesterday the towering 6-feet-plus-tall Zeituni Polly Onyango is no garden-variety illegal alien."
Boston Herald Staff Photo by John Wilcox -->

From the photograph, it would appear that Onyango is no stranger to Mickey D's value meals, shakes and super-sized french fries. It also seems that life in public housing at the expense of Boston taxpayers is agreeable to her.

She is the half-sister of President Obama's late father. Defying deportation orders several years ago, she has been living in a subsidized housing project in South Boston ever since. She must have figured that if her brother's kid could become President of the richest, most-powerful nation on earth, then surely she could live in the U.S. of A. without paying her dues.

A month after Obama took the oath of Presidency, the court agreed to reopen her case and let her stay as a guest of the taxpayers until the matter was resolved. I find it interesting that her identity and relationship to our Commander-In-Chief was not revealed publicly until after he was installed into the office.

I also find it interesting that Obama claimed he was unaware that she was in this country illegally. He stopped short of saying he didn't even know she was in the country. I know that he is eloquent, but bullshit spread with eloquence is still bullshit!

Embracing his father's Muslim faith, I find it difficult to believe that he had never made any attempt to track down or know the whereabouts or status of his Kenyan family. Even if he himself didn't take the initiative, his political machine would have looked into this issue lest it became a potential campaign issue.

Although the details were not divulged, Onyango is fighting deportation while seeking political asylum. Is she seeking asylum because as the aunt of the American President she would be at risk? Or is there some darker reason?

I think Obama should take her aside and say, "Auntie, why don't you apply for f**king citizenship and stop trying to mooch off the taxpayers?"

I cannot speak with the eloquence of our President, but I do know that an illegal alien, no matter who he or she knows, is still an illegal alien! ... And illegal aliens should NOT be afforded any of the benefits as those of a citizen.

As Camelot

This week's episode: Patches

Even as Republican Scott Brown's defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley for deceased Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat marked the end of the Camelot era, the Senator's son, Patrick, finds himself facing the boot. Backed by the strategists of Scott Brown, Republican State Representative John J. Loughlin II has announced his candidacy for Kennedy's Rhode Island seat.

With a disapproval rating of 59% within his district and 62% statewide, Patches' fate would appear to sealed. He might be smelling the smoke from the possible firestorm ignited by Scott Brown's stunning victory. That same smoke just might have other incumbents across the country shaking in their boots and wiping their sweaty brows.

Patrick's biggest problem is that he doesn't have the clout and the history of his father, Uncles Jack and Bobby and grandpa Joe. He has no ties to a Marilyn Monroe, a Mary Jo Kopechne, or the woman with a blue dot. He doesn't have the athletic skills displayed by a cousin who could ski and play chicken with a tree while passing a football on the slopes.

Something tells me that our country will survive without a Kennedy in an elected office.


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