Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Diet


Yesterday I went to the doctor
For my yearly physical.
My blood pressure was high.
My cholesterol was high.
I'd gained some weight,
and I didn't feel so hot.
My doctor said eating right
doesn't have to be complicated and
it would solve my physical problems.
He said:
Just think in colors.
Fill your plate with bright colors.
Try some greens, oranges, reds,
maybe something yellow, etc.
So I went right home
and ate an entire bowl of
bright colors.

And Sure Enough,
I Felt Better Immediately !!
I never knew eating right could be so easy !!

Now stay healthy,
eat your colors,
and have a nice day.

-(Thanks, Cathy)

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Serena said...

Ha! I could do that diet.:-)

A happy belated Easter to you.

Hale McKay said...


A belated happy Easter to you as well.

Yes, this is an easy diet to take up.