Sunday, February 13, 2005

Brunch, Birthday, and Blog

~ ...and on the seventh day he rested. Perhaps this is so on most Sundays, but alas not so this one. Since my birthday is on Tuesday, 2/15, my daughter Gretchen had made arrangements for our family and her future husband's family to all get together. She chose the Lord Wakefield, a hotel north of here because they have a Sunday brunch. She figured, correctly I might add, that brunch would be better as we could sit down to eat at noon and all be back at our respective homes by two o'clock. That would leave the rest of Sunday to be reserved for rest.
~ The brunch was okay, the service was bad, and the staff was slow refilling the food trays. I really wanted that cup of coffee, but the cups were nowhere to be seen. My daughter was craving the French toast, but the empty serving tray quashed that idea. She had filled up on other food by the time a fresh batch of it was brought out from the kitchen. Her future father-in-law Bill, however wanted a little of everything and was thusly rewarded, and seconds were just as rewarding. His son, my daughter's fiance Scott, ate to his content with little complaint. I too just went about fueling myself, satisfied with both helpings I had partaken. Scott's sister Sharyn and her husband Dana, were at the far end of the table. Every time I looked in their direction, Dana had a another full plate, and there were no complaints from her. Bill's wife Mary and Lena her mother, seemed to enjoy their meal, as both made made more than one trip to the food tables. Jean, my wife also made a couple of trips, the second of which saw her with pieces of fruit.
~ One oddity that I notice nearly everytime I find myself in such a setting, presented itself once again. When it comes to all-you-can-eat buffet brunches, the amount of food consumed is proportionate directly to the price of the meal. The more the dollar amount of the meal, the greater the consumption. The equation is skewed slightly, of course when the members of the party are of mixed gender. Hence, the amount of food consumed by the husband plus another half, allowing for the women eating half of that of the men, plus the woman's eaten half is equal to the dollar amount of the check with gratuities factored in.
~ Simply put, the man eats considerably more than the woman, because in order for the consumption to be in line with its value, the half not eaten by the woman must also be consumed by the man to justify the expenditure. When that balance is achieved, and only then, can the man launch into quantum math and go for the dessert.
~ The brunch is over, the birthday is two days away, and this blog is nearing completion. I am, however, left with one more calculation. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Let's see, the gift itself and the card will cost so much, and is equal and/or greater than the cost of the alternative which is to forget them. Therefore the money not wasted the day before at the brunch can be factored into a gift for the special day.
~ Moral of this blog: Never expect a man to go to a buffet style brunch and not eat his money's worth.
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