Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fractured Etymology No.2

~ The Pointmeister has again opened the pages of his dictionary to dispense a few for you to contemplate.
  1. Affirm - a company
  2. Become - when flowers bloom this happens
  3. Bedrock - where the Flinstones live
  4. Beechnut - an idiot at the sea shore
  5. Benign - What an 8 year old is on his next birthday
  6. Broadcast - The female stars of a show
  7. Catch 22 - A bust when playing Blackjack
  8. Cargo - what happens when you step on the gas pedal
  9. Commandeer - an ordinary forest animal
  10. Context - librabry book for a prisoner
  11. Detest - what a teacher gives you to make you feel stupid
  12. Egregious - Agreeing with anything Mr. Philbin says
  13. Elixir - what a tomcat does to a female he is courting
  14. Handicap - headwear there when you need it
  15. Mango - when a woman wants a man to leave
  16. Matador - put down a rug at an entrance
  17. Mystery - she misspelled cheese as "chese"
  18. Oath - what a person with a lisp eats for breakfast
  19. Pastor - what the driver did behind a slow driving woman
  20. Spurious - is angry while horseback riding

~ As the Pointmeister's dictionary is a large one, you can expect more fractured definitions in the near future.

~N0. 33

Johnny Carson
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blue said...

LOL point, great posts, all of them! I can hardly wait til tomorrow when you post your next 4! lol!