Monday, February 07, 2005

Fractured Etymology

~ Here are some intersting words found in the Pointmeister's dictionary with their equally interesting definitions:
  1. aftermath - When I had English class
  2. bacon strip - What you see at an all nude girlie revue starring Miss Piggy
  3. commercial - What Hershel's mother yells when dinner is ready
  4. defense - de thing dat goes around de yard
  5. derail - de metal thing a train run ons
  6. detail - de thing your dog wags
  7. discover - it protects your CDs
  8. end all - the letter L
  9. filmdom - not very knowlegeable about movies
  10. finish carpenter - woodworker from Scandanavia
  11. Gator Ade - food stamps for large reptiles
  12. Hortense - what happened when the call girl was arrested
  13. hyphen - how Tom Sawyer greets Huckleberry
  14. paradise - two cubes to shoot craps with
  15. pasteurize - where your eyebrows are found
  16. retard - put tar on the roof again
  17. sparrow - what you have when you spell "boook"
  18. stardom - not knowing much about the night sky
  19. Super Bowl - knock down all the pins
  20. walking stick - used by Chinaman to stir vegetables and rice in pan

~ As the Pointmeister's dictionary is a rather large tome, more of these gems will be forthcoming.

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