Monday, February 07, 2005

The First Time

~ We always remember the first time. It will always be the best. It was the one against which all others will be measured. Everyone hence will fail to meet the expectations we experienced with the first one.
~ We look back fondly, sometimes forlornly, embracing the memory of that special one. A smile transforms our lips from the frowns we were wearing. Perhaps even a little giggle percolates within our chest. The memories of the innocence we knew then, was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Ah, but to reclaim that naivete, if only to lose it gladly again by reliving that special thing. Alas, we can only experience the first time but just once.
~ We can visualize where we were when it happened. We remember the events that led up to that special event in our life. Perhaps it is unfair to judge the others, and even those yet to come, next to the first time. Was the first time really that good? Maybe we put the first one so far upon a pedestal, that our vision and judgement are so clouded that we cannot enjoy the others.
~ If we had the first one in front of us, would we then forsake the other ones? Would we turn them away, cast them from our memories, just so we could relive the first?
~ Yes, the first one was sweet. It was so special. We must, however, hold onto the present. They are no less special, no less memorable, and no less important. They too are a part of the we, the we that makes us what we are. You will never know when another will come into your life.
~ Think of it! The New England Patriots have won three Super Bowl Championships in four years! Yes, the first one is always the best. It certainly doesn't mean we can't experience the ecstasy again and again....and ...
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