Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nicks I Know

~ What can you say about friends? They are there when you want to chat. They laugh at your jokes, even if they aren't funny. They offer you solace when you are down. They are company when you don't want to be alone. They greet you when you enter the room. They miss you when you aren't around, as do you when they are not there. With friends, it works both ways. You enjoy their presence. You relate your day's woes and triumphs. When you need a pat on the back...When you need a hug...oops! Well, the only pats and hugs we get are of the cyber variety, appreciated nonetheless.
~ You see, I am talking about friends I could pass on a sidewalk and not recognize, any more than they would me. These friends of which I speak, I have never met. In most cases, we will probably never meet. Though the reality of that saddens me. In any event, I consider these people friends. A few of us know each other's real names, but they aren't used as a rule.
~ Our friendships are far-reaching, carried out through a keyboard and a monitor. In the open but secretive world of the internet, we are incognito using screen names. These nicknames, or nicks, are our own unique identities and personalities. Even then, the nicks are further abbreviated as some are rather lengthy.
~ So in this forum, I salute you my friends. The game of spelldown would not be so enjoyable without any of you. There is you, Marile, who we fondly refer to as the Queen. You are one of the first people I met in here. As that was a few years ago, it is a testament to you and your kindness. Dmelf, or dm, you are the enforcer, master of the boot, but we like you just the same. My fellow hillbilly, Blue, who like me has taken up blogging. Though our styles differ, we both lean toward the comedic side of life. There you are, Mr. Bobvious, or Bob, a parking attendant moonlighting in a hospital. Cooki, when you aren't working on taxes, you are either baking or playing spell-down. Like your name, Sun, we enjoy when you pop in and out. Mad, you are our resident auctioneer, selling anything and everything for beer money. I love it, Small when you join me in the closet. Don't ask out there, it's a long story. Griff you and I share movie reviews of current releases on DVD. Yo Jo, nothing is fina than Carolina when you grace us with a visit. I am always glad Game when you come in to play a game or two. We all miss you Lisa; she isn't around too much anymore. Both Billy and Gypsy are up front even though they are from down under. Soccer, I wonder do you still go to bed with an unabridged dictionary? Augie good luck with your studies. Kim, it always good to see you. Say hello to Renee, will you?
~ There are some more friends, but I have chosen to mention only the closest ones, the ones I see the most often. To you friends I say, you are the greatest! Thank you for the kindness and friendship. Thank you for being just ... You.
~ Dear reader, feel free to visit us sometime at Log into the room Concordance, and come in and say hello. Tell everyone that the pointmeister sent you. Who knows? Before long we'll be calling you a friend also.
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Anonymous said...

Have I told that I like you, Pointy? We don't need words to know that...but this time i wanted to say it.
You know who i am.