Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fractured Etymology No.6

Are you ready for another foray into that volumous tome that can only be called the Pointmeister's Dictionary?
  1. Apparent - a mother or a father
  2. Asperse - a pocket book made out of snake skin
  3. Auditorium - the place where the IRS checks your records
  4. Cartoon - Speed Buggy, for one
  5. Castrated - Gave a grade to the members of a play
  6. Coincide - the edge of a dime
  7. Coupling - a small cup
  8. Courage - how old your dog is
  9. Crematorium - a shop that specializes in cream and other dairy products
  10. Gradated - took your grandmother to the Prom
  11. Insinuate - you had dinner at your mistress' home
  12. Magnet - holder behind a car's driver's seat to store magazines
  13. Parsimony - what a divorced preacher pays his ex-wife
  14. Sentiment - mailed some candy
  15. Service - bring frozen water to table for the drinks
  16. Snafu - like a sneeze, a sound you make when tasting tofu
  17. Traffic ticket - Gets you in to see that band
  18. Violins - fighting
  19. Worship - an aircraft carrier, for one
  20. Yoplait - a rap musical

*(Just another public service provided for you from the dictionary and the mind of the Pointmeister)

*No. 94

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