Thursday, April 07, 2005

Go To Health !

Recently when a good friend of mine took sick, I didn't wish him to get well soon. I didn't tell him that I hoped he was feeling better. I made no attempt to send him a get well card. Why, you might ask?
~ Well, if I were to have told him that I hoped he was feeling better, I would've in fact been reminding him that he was sick. He didn't need me to tell him that. He already knew it! If I were to have told him to get well soon, wouldn't that have suggested that I wanted him to get well later, and not now? "Hey Joe, I made this effort to come to visit you while you are sick. The least you can do is to stay sick while I'm here. If you want to get better, fine! At least wait until after I leave before you recover."
~ You see, I am a better friend than that. I'm considerate! Rather than remind him that he was sick, I had a better way to aid him in his convalescence. Instead of trying to pressure him with a deadline, I made it easier for his trip on the road to recovery. Lest I spin my wheels or beat around the bush, I left him no doubt that I really cared.
~ The next time you have to deal with a sick friend, you can't go wrong if you follow my lead. Remember, the best advice is usually that which you ignore. Consider the feelings of your laid-up friend before you head down to the local card shop. Put yourself in their place. Would you want to be reminded that you are sick? Do you like someone telling you that you look and sound awful?
~ My friend soon recovered. He really appreciated how I handled his malady. He thanked me for not wasting money on some schmalzy cards that he'd only end up throwing away. He knows too that if I were sick, he could do the same thing for me. In fact, when I was sick myself shortly thereafter, I never received a card from him. He never showed up to visit me. Not once did he say get well soon. Thankfully he never wished once that I was feeling better.
~ He recriprocated in kind the gesture I had given him via a brief message on his answering machine. He also duplicated the e-mail I had sent to him with the indentical but simple passage. Hey, we are friends! Why wouldn't we be considerate and compassionate to each other?
~ Yes, you could do worse than to follow my advice the next time you have a sick friend. A word of caution, though. This might not be advisable if the sick person is a parent or a spouse. The people require a more personal touch. Proceed at your own risk if you insist on trying this with them.
~ So, instead of wasting money on a card, or sending some kind of gift, let them know that you really care! They will feel so much better if on their answering machine, voice mail, or e-mail they find the following three words:
~ Go to health!
(And speaking of the infirm, why not check out this sicko :

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