Thursday, May 05, 2005

Double Whammy!

Just who was in charge of the calendar this year anyway? As far as I am concerned, he or she didn't do me any favors. Normally, I would be looking forward to a weekend, two full days without somebody owning my time, forty-eight hours of freedom. That's not to say that weekends are without responsibilities, quite the contrary. It seems that there are always errands and chores that can only be accomplished on weekends.
~ Well, the Calendar Gods made no allowances for those this weekend. Oh, they certainly provided me with plenty to do, of that fact there is no doubt. I suppose I could look at it that in one weekend, they have given me the opportunity to knock off two major "chores" in one fell swoop! A double whammy, if you will!
~ Having said that, how considerate is to drop onto one man's shoulders an anniversary and Mothers Day on the same weekend? Oh, Calendar Gods what hath thou wrought upon this mere mortal? Have I the will and fortitude to survive these 'Labors of Hercules?' Was Hercules charged with such a daunting task?
~ I wonder if that Calendar God was once in the employ of the God of adages and proverbs. If so, that would explain this enigmatic one: "It's not the gift, but the thought that counts." The one who thought up that gem most certainly wasn't married and probably had little or no extended family.
~ The Riddle of the sphinx, the secret of the universe, or the last digit of Pi are child's play when compared to my dilemma. Do I get two cards and two gifts and take her out both days? Do I get her two cards and a gift for each day? Do I get her two cards, one "big" gift, and take her out on one of the days? Or do I dare follow that "it's the thought that counts" strategy?
~ Let's see, I can sit down in front of the computer, and before I go to my web site or to my favorite game room, I can surf for some e-cards! Did you know that some of the greeting card sites are free? Okay, Okay! I can go to a card shop and select some very nice Anniversary and Mothers Day cards. Have you ever looked at the price of those things nowadays?
~ When I hand the cards to her, she'll know that I remembered! Okay, Okay! I'll mail them! Two 37 cent stamps won't break the bank. Hmm, I was just thinking, you don't suppose that Calendar God has some financial motive and is connected in some way to Hallmark?
~ Alright, I have the cards taken care of now. I guess the right thing to do is to go shopping for a gift. Okay, Okay! Two gifts! Okay, Okay! Two gifts and flowers, flowers for both days!
~ Cards - $10, Flowers - $50, Gift - $37.50, Dining out - $65, Weekend over and back to work - Priceless!
No. 133

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