Friday, May 06, 2005

Mything The Mark

Today the Pointmeister feels like dispelling some of those myths about entertainment personalities and the product itself. (As always I will qualify those attempts by stating they are of course, my opinion.)
Margaret Cho is not funny!
No one cares what Michael Moore says or films!
Well, George Steinbrenner spent 87 grand on a losing horse, I guess he couldn't find a gimpy pitcher!
At least Jay Leno was a better replacement than Joan Rivers!
No one wants to see commercials about Erectile Dysfunction!
The only thing funny about Rosanne Barr is her figure!
Not everbody loves raymond!
Rap is rap. It is not music!
Waterworld was a better movie than Pulp Fiction!
Jerry Seinfeld's acting is as bad as his stand-up comedy!
Julia Roberts is cute, not beautiful!
More people were watching Jeopardy and not the President's State of the Union speech!
Liza Minelli's performance in Cabaret was not better than Diana Ross' Lady Sings the Blues!
Titanic was only a good movie. Remove Leonardo DiCaprio, it is a great movie!
Citizen Kane does not belong in the top 100 films of all time!
If a TV network program had the same ratings as golf or tennis it would get canceled!
Pointmeister does not know as much as he lets on!
Please excuse that last line, it was an editorial oversight!

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