Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mosquito With Wing-Tanks

It was a cold and damp Mothers Day outside today. There were some residual showers here and there throughout the day. There was no shortage of volunteers to mind the barbecue. It was by no means, the ideal day for a cook out. The burgers, sausages, steak tips, and spare ribs were sizzling on the grill and from above it was drizzling. We had the barbecue set up in he garage. The finished grilled delicacies were then carried inside the house to be consumed in the shelter and warmth.
~ I would have thought it was too cold to worry about critters crashing the party, but there was at least one hearty winged pest trying to make a meal of us. I could almost hear an engine as it zipped by my ear. I swear I could feel a breeze in its passing. Perhaps it was the movement of air caused by a pressure wave on the leading edge of its wings. Its attacks were swift and accurate.
~ There were several casualties with the tell-tale swollen wound on their exposed skin. We knew that this was probably a scout, the squadron nearby but out of sight. We wanted to down it and not allow it to signal the others. It seemed however, that it was in no hurry to bring in backup. It had drawn blood and apparently wanted the kill to itself.
~ On one flyby, I got a good look at its silhouette against the gray sky. Would you believe that darned thing had a set of wing-tanks? It nearly broke the sound barrier as it dove in a kamikaze-like determination. Did I hear what sounded like "Banzai" as it neared its target? The barrier of the citronella torches seemed to have no effect.
~ Just then a projectile, from anti-aircraft installation appeared on a collision course with enemy dive bomber. At the same moment it leveled out, the missile, the mosquito and the side of the garage were in the same place! The alert was called off as we realized our tormentor was shot from the sky. There wasn't much left, save the crimson stain on the side of the garage. That stain was our own blood which the mosquito had drawn in the earlier sieges.
~ There were no further attacks, and none of the hidden squadron was sighted. The food was soon eaten and we settled down to watch the second game of a double header. The wounds will heal, and the memory of this attack will eventually fade. The anti-aircraft projectile was retrieved and the gun was reloaded. It was a state-of-the-art pistol with a spring-loaded "fly-swatter." The weapon had proved to be effective. Then again, maybe it was a lucky shot!
~ I still say that blasted pest had wing-tanks!

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